5 Careers Where You Can Make a Difference in 2020

When it comes to choosing what to do for a living, most people are guided by factors such as interest, aptitude, and compensation. But as we grow increasingly aware of the issues our world faces and what we can do to make a difference, more and more people are choosing their career paths out of altruism.

They aren’t thinking as much about how their jobs can benefit them, but rather how they can benefit others, which in itself is mutually beneficial. When you come home and think about how your work has impacted those around you in a positive way, you feel a great sense of satisfaction.

Today, there are many career paths that fit the bill. What’s more is that the majority of them offer excellent salaries, high levels of job security and rich opportunities for advancement. Here are five to consider pursuing in the year ahead.

Clinical Psychologist

Similar to that of a social worker, clinical psychologists help people from all backgrounds deal with problems that are common to many of us. This includes treating clients who have chronic conditions that are interfering with their lives, as well as helping them overcome depression, anxiety, and anger.

In doing so, you’ll help countless people break through the barriers that prevent them from reaching their potential, which has far-reaching benefits. Clinical psychology is one of the numerous careers that you can pursue through affordable health degrees that will ensure your long-term job security and help you obtain a well-paying position.

Urban Planner

An urban planner usually works independently for various private and public organizations, including cities, corporations and property owners. Their job is to advise on the creation of buildings and infrastructure that are beneficial to the environment, economy and local population. Put simply, urban planners make cities safer and healthier places.

Social Worker

The very purpose of a social worker’s job is to improve people’s quality of life. This is done by assessing the situation, studying it and then using their expertise to provide a solution. Your career will involve providing physical and psychological support to help people cope with societal issues such as trauma, stress and substance abuse.


If there’s an environmental, political or social issue that you feel passionate about and would like to see a change in, perhaps you should consider pursuing a career as an activist. While they usually work for non-profit organizations, activists can earn an income through numerous sources, such as online media and fundraising campaigns.


With unhealthy diets being a leading cause of countless deaths and diseases among western society, the need for sound advice on proper nutrition is greater than ever. Dieticians and nutritionists use their scientific knowledge of food and the human body to advise clients on healthy eating habits that will help them reach their goals.


From teaching to law enforcement to fire fighting to healthcare to animal welfare and more, there’s really no end to the number of careers in which you can make a difference. All you need to do is find the one you see yourself enjoying the most.