4 Technologies Shaping The World Of Social Media

In this digital age, a large part of our life is spent on electronic devices like smartphones and the internet. And although a lot of time might be spent on using apps or browsing websites, the clear winner in terms of the total amount of time spent on social media.

This is why a lot of technology has been incorporated on social media to improve user experience as well as improving analytics and scalability from marketers’ and small businesses’ point of view.

Here are some of the technologies that are shaping social media usage.

1. AI-Targeted Marketing

There has been no technology half as effective and useful as AI in improving social media. With AI technologies, each social media platform has a unique and customized algorithm that can help put the content they think their users will like the most.

Wondering why you don’t always see the stories from al brands you follow or your friends?

That’s AI at work.

However, AI plays a bigger role in the marketing sector. With AI-targeted marketing, your business or marketing agencies like LosFamos Instagram marketing agency can now curate ads for your particular audience and pay to have those ads to only reach the people who are most likely to interact and engage. Thus, you will not waste money on trying to get the ads to everyone.

They also help in marketing automation as well as improving the way that bots and data collecting tools can maximize user engagement and collecting valuable insights to improve your social media campaign.

2. Virtual Reality

Since their arrival, social media has always brought people closer and acts as a faster communication for people from around the world. Now, incorporate the power of virtual reality with social media and you get a much closer and personal link to other people.

Facebook, has already launched its very own multi-user online VR platform called Spaces. Here, users can create a virtual version of themselves using their profile photos and interact with similar versions of their friends online.

3. Security and Privacy Features

Social media is probably every hacker’s favorite target since it is rather eaten to gain access to an account and data. As a matter of fact, there are over 600 Facebook accounts compromised daily.

This, in turn, heightened the perception of security and privacy with social companies prioritizing the security o accounts with techs such as multi-factor authentication or OTPs in order to avoid cyber attacks.

4. Communication Mediums

Social media has already taken communication to new heights, adding personal elements to each interaction for businesses. They even created a sense of urgency, putting emphasis on clear and rapid communication.

In the basic of communication, a user transmit information with the receiver providing feedback. With texting and emailing, receivers can sit and dwell before they respond. However, technologies in social media like Instagram Stories have changed this game by making the contents and messages available to view for only 24 hours.

Thus, the user will need to reply as soon as they have opened it, taking away the ability to dwell and creating a more real-time form of communication.