4 Social Media Marketing Metrics to Improve ROI

Metrics are everywhere. These unavoidable tools help you track your company’s performance throughout the year. Whether it is about your marketing campaigns, return on investments or any other thing for that matter; you shouldn’t keep away from metrics if you want to understand how your company is performing. But what are the metrics in social media marketing that tell you about your brand’s performance on socializing websites? Let’s find out.

1) Reach

How many people go through your marketing content every day? For example, if you post five times a week, how many followers actually read the post or respond positively? Moreover, how many of them are sharing the post so that more people become aware of your brand? Tracking social media metrics will help answer all these questions. If you are not able to reach a significant number of potential customers, you can purchase followers. Sites like Famoid provide genuine followers who will improve your brand’s reach to the target audience.

2) Engagement

Engaging with the audience on social media means you are setting them up for the long-term. But, how is the audience reacting to your efforts? Some of the engagement metrics that you need to keep an eye on our clicks, likes, shares, and brand mentions. If you have a pay-per-click campaign, the target audience should follow your lead on clicking the link you tell them. Similarly, they should like and share your social media posts, and also mention your brand if they are using your products or services. This enables other people to know about your brand presence.

3) Leads

There are tons of ways to generate leads on social media. From pay-per-clicks to influencer marketing, there are plenty of resources. But what results do you get at the end of the day? If someone likes and shares your post, is he/she going on to buy the product you are promoting? If yes, then only a lead converts to a customer. You can track down these results too, with the help of performance metrics. Set key performance indicators for each marketing campaign. This will help to narrow down the results and understand which technique works best for your brand.

4) Conversions

Merely promoting your products on social media is not enough. Unless you have proof that your promotions lead to conversions, you can’t be sure about a specific marketing technique. Again, performance metrics on lead conversions will provide you with the desired reports. Ideally, you should check the conversions post by post so that you can identify which ones are more successful. This will help you to work on those ideas better and come up with innovative promotional techniques in the future. You can also compare the social media channel that provides the best conversion rates.

Once you have reports coming in, you can become more strategic towards implementing your marketing ideas. Every company has KPIs, but when it comes to social media platforms, you need to have specific metrics that indicate whether your plans are working correctly or not.