4 Simple life hacks to be more productive and efficient
4 Simple life hacks to be more productive and efficient. Image credit: Huffington Post.

Making life easier and more efficient can sometimes be difficult. People constantly face procrastination, and personal problems often get in the way of work productivity and creativity.

But people can apply little tweaks to make it all simpler. ‘Life hacks’ cover a vast variety of topics such as psychology, health, entertainment, and even social media.

However, and because there are many, life hacks are not always based on science, and some of them can even have adverse effects if the person doesn’t do proper research.

What follows is a list of simple, study-based life hacks regarding social behavior, work productivity, and health, to ensure a successful adulthood.

How to project confidence 

Smiling and noticing the eyes -color and shape- of someone when meeting them can make a great first impression. People react positively to this because it gives a longer sense of acknowledgment. Also, referring to a new person by name can establish a sense of trust and friendship quickly.

After asking a question, it’s better to remain silent. Being quiet and maintaining eye contact can prevent partial answers during a conversation.

Walking into a room full of new people can be stressful, but if a person enters with confidence and assumes everybody is welcoming, the pressure may ease, according to an article on lifehacks.org

When dealing with hard problems, walking away can help

Psychological distance can be a useful tool to analyze problems more precisely. By stepping away from a task for a while, a person may find new ways of dealing with it.

A study featured in The Journal of Experimental Social Psychology in 2009 stated people are objective when they distance from a particular issue for short periods of time

Letting the mind wander -or ‘daydreaming’- during the job can also boost creativity. It allows the brain to relax and think outside of the box.

Other benefits of daydreaming include memory working better. Researchers define this type of memory as the brain’s ability to retain and recall information regarding multiple tasks.

Plants can improve workspace significantly

Marlon Nieuwenhuis, a Ph.D. student at Cardiff University, did a study about the effect of having living plants around the workplace.

Mrs. Niewenhuis states keeping plants nearby not only provides better air quality, but gives a sense of health around the office or studio, and improves concentration.

You are what you eat 

People can make minor food changes without completely replacing what they eat.

For example, bringing snacks from home to the office such as fruits, nuts, and baby carrots. These meals are healthier, cheaper, and can help a person avoid vending machines, which often offer sugary items.

Also, a cup of soup comes as a great lunch complement. A batch of soup can be stored in the fridge for over a week, and helps to fill up before eating meals with more calories.

Another easy thing to replace is the kind of juice a person drinks. It’s better to avoid concentrates and instead, get fresh juice, as it has more vitamins and nutrients.

Source: Life Hacks Org