4 Rewarding Careers For Those That Want To Work in Education

With more students enrolling every year, the education sector is one of the best places to start your career. However, although teaching is one of the leading job roles in this sector, there are also lots of other opportunities that can see you enjoy a rewarding and inspiring career while helping others.

So if you want to start your journey in education and don’t know where to begin, check out these exciting positions that could inspire your choice.

1. Special education teaching

For a rewarding career in education, special education teaching is a great choice. This area of learning specializes in helping to educate children that have physical, emotional, and behavioral issues. The position itself can sometimes be challenging. However, no day is the same, and developing your skills and knowledge in this area can bring a new perspective on teaching. To specialize in this area, taking an online Masters in Early Childhood Special Education will give you the relevant qualification you need to pursue this path. This study also helps to build your knowledge and experience in this specialist area.

2. Guidance counselor

If you’re looking for a role that helps students throughout their school career, becoming a school counselor could be for you. This position gets involved with lots of different areas throughout a school to ensure students are guided along the right path for them. School counselors deal with a range of things, including social, personal, and behavioral aspects, and are often there to lend an ear to individuals that are struggling with school life. This role is perfect for anyone that wants to work in a supportive role and feels they can help students navigate the pressures of everyday school life.

3. School District Superintendent

If you’ve been working in education for some time and have years of experience under your belt, you may be considering what’s next in your career. A natural progression for teachers, after a principal role, could be a school superintendent. This job is a senior role that oversees a school district. As a point of all district matters, this position involves a lot of responsibility; however, it is enriching at the same time. You’ll need a track record of being able to handle a range of issues and manage workloads, and the job might also involve long hours, especially if you get involved in lots of school events. It is a well-respected position and is perfect for anyone looking to make the big transition.

4. School librarian

It’s often a misconception that librarians sort books onto shelves. However, this role is a lot more involved in education than you might think. Librarians are often a fountain of knowledge in schools and help children to discover the best books that can further their understanding and studies. Some roles also undertake workshops and courses to better support students to utilize resources, so this carries some elements of mentoring. The position is varied, and if you love books, researching, and organization, this is a perfect job for you.