Screen Capture Software

Sure, being able to take a picture of your screen is awesome. What can be better? Well, being able to take a video of it. Screen recording software and apps are giving people a world of possibilities. We spend most of our time on our cell phones or computers. Could you imagine doing something even more useful with all that time? We are listing 4 of those options in this article.

How-to Guides

First, we are talking about How-to Guides. This is the most common and popular use for screen recording. It is very convenient since one of the most viewed content on YouTube includes How-To and Review videos. Explaining ways of using tools like Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator, is always useful for people. Software troubleshooting is one of the most popular types of video in this category.

Another how-to guide can be used for your company benefit. It can make your onboarding process a lot easier. Record the basic procedures necessary to get the work done on your computer, and share it with new employees. Like this, you can save a lot of time, answering basic questions, and they can always have the handy guide with them. No matter how many times they encounter the same problem, the solution is always available one video away.

Making Demos

A picture is worth a thousand words, so imagine what would a video be worth? If you’re developing a new software, game or app you can use a screen recorder to make a demonstration of your product. Imagine being able to show how your great idea works, instead of just telling future investors or clients. It’s always a way to make a big impact and first impressions matter.

To Save Temporary Content, Video Calls, And Online Streaming Videos
Sometimes you can have a meeting or a study session through a video call. If you use a screen recorder, you can always go back to it for future reference. Or if you conduct an interview, you can always save it and share it with upper management to streamline the hiring process.

Not all online streaming platforms offer the option to download content. A screen recorder tool is great to save this kind of content. Even live videos can be saved with this technology. You can also use it to save content from social media, like Snapchat or Instagram. Be aware that some of these social media apps have notifications for users to alert them when someone is saving their videos.

To Create GIFs

This one is a bonus. With the help of screen recording, you can create a lot of creative content. GIFs are used to illustrate concepts, make visuals more dynamic, or just make people smile. With the help of another app like PicGIF Lite you just have to load a screen recorded video, change the frames per second (fps) that the app will capture, edit it if you want to and you’re done!

Of course, there are more uses for screen recording. But the most important thing is to use a screen capture software that works and it’s really helpful for you. Something with an easy-to-use interface, high-level functionality, and at an affordable price.

There are many screen recording software and apps out there, but one that stands out and we’ve used and recommended is from Movavi. It is one of the best screen recording software on the market. You can get the Movavi Screen Recorder if you strictly need an easy to use screen recorder. If you need more features like sharing and improving your company communications, get the Movavi Screen Capture Pro. And if you want the ability to edit screencasts, your best option is the Screen Capture Studio. It has a built-in video editor which offers a wide range of options. Movavi has Windows and MAC solutions so visit their website for download.