2018 is barely starting, but we are already on the lookout for some important technological breakthroughs. Image: Compfight

2018 has been marking key moments for the scientific and technological breakthroughs that will surely change the way mankind will live day to day. Needless to say, that science is constantly changing and improving. 2018 is certainly a milestone for many projects, like the Falcon Heavy launch for SpaceX and the upgrading of 3D printing from plastic to metal.

The following list compiles 3 of the most outstanding scientific and technological breakthroughs to be seen in 2018, which will influence or serve as basic building blocks for outstanding changes to come in the contemporary world.

Smart City building blocks: sensing city

At Toronto’s Waterfront district, The company Alphabet is working towards the implementation of sensors that collect data like traffic flow, water use, noise, air pollution and water pollution. This sensing digital network idea originally came from Christchurch, New Zealand, where an earthquake inspired Roger Dennis to rebuild Christchurch as a sensing city.

The difference between Christchurch and Toronto, however, is the entire presence of Alphabet as the main developer, yet Dennis’s idea to upgrade the city to a responsive one with data access to both officials and citizens will surely influence the way cities will function during this age.

Accessible Cloud-Based AI Services

With Google, Amazon, IBM, and Microsoft working towards the development of Machine Learning systems and Artificial neural network technology in order to make AI a more common tool on the cloud, this would imply that AI access would be more affordable both economically and accessible to any sort of business.

For example picture the London Tipsy Robot working on a local Starbucks or café taking care of the pastry section, although it may be jeopardizing for local employment and bring negative consequences, it is surely an outstanding tech breakthrough that will be employed in 2018.

Artificial Embryos

This breakthrough consists of an embryo-like structure made entirely out of stem cells, meaning that there is no need for any eggs or sperm cells to create a life, according to the University of Cambridge team responsible for the development of this embryos, the two stem cells are clustered together inside the embryo to form the initial stages of life.

However the team pointed out that these breakthroughs won’t only open the path for ethical and philosophical subjects to be bonded within a legal framework, but more importantly, this could help when it comes to the improvement of fertility in women.