3 Reasons Why Your Business Should Have a Standby Generator

When it comes to business supplies, there is one thing that is commonly left off the list that really shouldn’t be. Having a standby generator for your business is a smart move for any serious business owner and especially ones in remote areas. You could be saving you and your employees time, money, and unnecessary stress by investing in one today. If you’re not sure which generator might suit your needs, think of going to Welland Power. Their wide range and experienced advisors make them one of the top power generators UK providers.


With demand for electricity ever increasing across the UK and fossil fuel restrictions resulting in a lack of new installations to increase capacity, the national grid is not as reliable as it once was. Power stations are being used that were previously closed down for being inefficient and outdated. The capacity market designed by the British government is far from infallible, but it shouldn’t be you and your business that pays the price.

Renewable energy, like solar power, wind power, or natural gas, is not yet efficient or reliable enough for your business workings to depend on it. Quite often, the cost of implementing renewable energy practices for single buildings or small businesses doesn’t benefit the owner financially for several years. In the UK in particular, there is rarely enough strong sun and wind to generate large amounts of energy through wind power, and solar power means. It’s therefore not just smart but essential to have your own back-up power to serve as energy security so that your business doesn’t go under when your energy supply does.


A diesel generator can be tailored to suit the needs of your business whatever they may be. That means you could have a generator that works for the everyday workings of your business, one that can be scaled up to handle larger events or increased demand, or even one that could handle both. You wouldn’t have to worry about expensive electricity bills, but rather would be able to control the output with your own generator. With your own standby diesel generator, you are in control of your own energy supply, not the government or the power plants. Greater autonomy over your own energy supply gives you greater power, control, and security within your business.


If your energy were to go out for a day, or even a week, how much money would you lose? Remember to account for wasted pay on employees who can no longer work without electricity, potential repairs for short-circuited wires, loss of customers due to missed deadlines, and more knock-on effects that we can only guess at for now. When you balance this against the cost of a generator, the cost now is revealed as the smart investment that it is.

Even better, if you are in a remote area with another small business nearby, you could split the generator cost with someone else in your local community, or sell excess energy back to the grid. A diesel generator means more security for you and could mean more money in your pocket to boot.

Essentially, you could be saving yourself stress and money by giving your business the forward-thinking investment of a diesel generator today. Back your own business and put the backbone of your company’s inner workings back under your own control, rather than with the national grid. Generator technology is only becoming smarter and the national grid structures only becoming more outdated. There has never been a better time to make the switch than now.