2017 Mercedes S550 Cabriolet: Price, specs, and extras

Mercedes-Benz will offer their luxury S550 Cabriolet convertible for the first time since 1971, according to online reports. The 2017 model comes with climate control features and a wide range of performance options.

The automaker looks to provide potential buyers with a more premium experience, compared to the one they could get from its fixed-roof sedan counterpart, currently selling for about $97,000.

The S550 Cabriolet will have a base price of $131,400 and is available for shipping to the US, though it might also be at a particular MB dealer. Destination charges currently go for about $925.

S550 Cabriolet specifications and design

The engine is a 4.7-liter, twin-turbocharged V8 with a double overhead cam. The car reaches a top speed of 155 miles and goes from 0 to 60 in approximately 4.6 seconds.

These specs give the automobile about 516 pound-feet of torque and a total horsepower of 449, the same as its non-convertible brother.

Drivers can tame the car’s strong performance through its nine-speed transmission, tailored for a broad variety of environments. First reviews also revealed that the car does not generate much noise from the engine.

Design wise, it is very sleek and has a three-layered fabric roof that can close in about 20 seconds, even when driving at 37 miles per hour, according to some sources.

External features and technological perks

The car features a brand new climate control system that goes from the standard A/C vents in the front and middle to small openings in the seats’ headrests and other parts of the vehicle.

The climate control keeps the driver and passengers cool or warm depending on the situation and works with the roof down. It works through 12 sensors and 18 actuators in the armrests, seats, and seatbacks.

The S550 also comes with Aircap technology out-of-the-dealer, for wind protection when the roof is down. For $3,500 more, users can also enjoy multi-contour massaging seats, surround view system, head-up display, and rapid heating for the front seats only.

What toys does Mercedes-Benz have for the Cabriolet S550?

There’s an available $6,400 Burmester high-end 3D sound system for the S550 Cabriolet. Also, a ‘sports package’ with brushed aluminum pedals, side skirts, and AMG wheels for $5,900.

Less expensive luxury alternatives include Night View Assist technology ($2,260), a ‘driver assistance package’ with┬áspeed limit assist, active lane keeping, and active blind spot assistance feature ($2,250), and Swarovski crystal headlights for $1,750.

There is also an option for design Nappa leather seats, which ups the price $3,250, and a ‘warmth and comfort package’ which includes the climate control feature alone for $1,990.

Source: Mercedes-Benz