Ford Ecosport 2017 photo.
Ford Ecosport 2017 review.. Image: Motor Passion.

On November 10, Ford’s official Twitter account published a tweet inviting users to check out DJ Khaled’s Snapchat story, in which he would unveil more details about the upcoming 2017 Ford EcoSport.

The EcoSport has already sold big in China and various parts of Europe.

It is a crossover utility vehicle that has a design based on the late Ford Fiesta.

DJ Khaled revealed on Snapchat that Ford is planning to make a release event for the EcoSport in the United States next Monday.

The EcoSport is likely to undergo some changes before it debuts on the American market.

The EcoSport is likely to undergo some changes before it debuts on the American market. Details about its new build will come out later.

Features and specs

The standard engine initially features a maximum brake horsepower (bhp) of 110 which gives the crossover lots of acceleration, along with a maximum torque of 140Nm. These specs are for the Twin Independent Variable Camshaft Timing (Ti-VCT) petrol model.

The company also offers a variant containing a Turbo Diesel Common Rail injection (TDCi) engine with a 1.5lt capacity, a Ford exclusive. Maximum power for this option is a little less, 99bhp, with a maximum torque of 205Nm.

A third more affordable option is the 1.0lt EcoBoost Petrol, aimed for the low-carbon-footprint crowds. Maximum power sits at 123.37bhp and torque at 107Nm.

In India, the Ford EcoSport models offered a 5-speed Manual transmission or a 6-speed Powershift dual-clutch variant, which is an automatic shift. Dual-clutch capability offers the driver more dynamic and efficient acceleration, but it is usually not included in many models.

The mileage, expressed in kilometers-per-litre here, sits at 22kmpl for the TDCi, 13-15kmpl for the Ti-VCT, and 15-18kmpl for the EcoBoost.

Interior and exterior features

Advertised interior features for this crossover initially included new Ford dual-slats grills and skid plates. The model will also come will new headlights, a revised version for better road illumination.

The laps feature anti-fog enclosures and embedded turn indicators, brand new LED taillights and a revised cover for the wheels.

Internally, Ford included a new steering wheel and mounted controls that ease the driver’s needs. Also a new center console with heating and air conditioning vents, and changed the button layout for its current infotainment system and the instrument cluster.

Expected price

The car then inherits some of the traits found in the more powerful Kuga and Edge crossovers. A retail price has not come out officially, but most sources expect the 2017 model to come close to the price of its 2016 predecessor.

The current EcoSport’s price sits at £14,645 (€17000)which could come close to $18,370 for the standard model.

Source: Car News (India)