The 2016 Corvette Z06 often referred to as ‘a car only one with the last name of Vettel of Gordon can handle’ is a world famous sports car by Chevrolet. The car comes with ‘power’, ‘performance’ and ‘looks’ to swoon over, but, of course, you’d only be able to see the beast’s true performance on an open street outside the city.

The 2016 Corvette Z06 is available in the USA through Chevrolet dealership outlets, as well as online on Chevrolet’s site.

The car is available in two options and you have the liberty to build your vehicle from ground up.

Coupe Pricing

The Corvette Z06 Coupe starts at a price of $80,395 and you can go on to selecting the inner trim along with other custom fittings within the Coupe.

Convertible Pricing

The Corvette Z06 Convertible starts off at a price of $84,395, and is meant for those that like their cars a little lighter. Even with the roof off, the car exhibits no form of windscreen chatter at all.


After you have selected the kind of make you’d like your new Z06 in, you can go on to selecting other options that Chevrolet brings to customizing your car.

These include: selecting the type of trim you’d like on the insides (with option ‘3LZ’ being the most luxurious), the tint on your car (you can pick from standard or premium tint coats), as well as the color of perforated Mulan leather seat surfaces.

Performance Packages

You will then go on to selecting your packages where you could choose between a ‘Z07 Performance Package’ or an ‘Appearance Package’. The 2016 Corvette Z06 also allows you to choose between 7-speed manual transmission and 8-speed paddle shift transmission (automatic), along with graphics for the exterior of the car.

Just before you see a sum-total of what you’ve selected to have in your new Z06, you will also have the option of choosing accessories to go along with your car for protection and security, performance, interiors and cargo management.