New gameplay footage for the upcoming Metal Gear Survive was set to be revealed over the weekend, and it sure delivered with the introduction of Zombie Planet. Image Source: VR Games

Konami shared 15 gameplay minutes of the upcoming Metal Gear Survive in the Tokyo Game Show. The footage reveals an entire co-op mission somewhere in the middle of the campaign.

The footage shows what the studio already told: an online co-op stealth game that takes place in an alternate world where zombies ravage the land. Such was the influence of former Konami VP Hideo Kojima that, after his departure from the studio, the franchise took a detour.

The plot follows Mother Base soldiers fighting to stay alive on an alien planet as they search the way to escape. Other objects and living beings end up in that world when they go through wormholes, and the soldiers must gather materials and build tools to find a way back home.

The mission in the trailer is to place a transmitter in one of the wormholes to send a distress signal across dimensions. Even without Solid Snake and inside a walking dead plot, the title maintains its stellar stealth approach to combat with several weapons, lure and deadly close combat.

Konami says the online co-op, that goes up to four players, along with the manipulable environment will enhance the ways a player deals with each situation.

A Phantom Pain Playground with a supernatural experience

The game takes players to an alternate timeline that picks up from the ending of Phantom Pain introductory title, ‘Metal Gear V: Ground Zeroes.’

Ground Zeroes is set in 1975, a few months after Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker. The story follows Snake as he infiltrates into an American old prison in Cuba called Camp Omega, with the mission to rescue high-value targets.

During the events of Phantom Pain’s prolog, Snake caused a space-time continuum that apparently threw angry hordes of deadly creatures and a group of agents into the wormhole.

One of the things the trailer show is the Mother Base soldier kidnaping wildlife via a wormhole technology that opens a rip in the reality. Similarly, this ‘Fulton’ technology can put animals flying in the air like bait for the enemies.

Other features in the trailer are how the soldiers treat injuries in particular places of the body. The treatment needs time, experience and materials to heal.

The first title since lead MG writer Hideo Kojima left the studio

Without the revered Konami Master, Metal Gear went a different direction with all-new characters and little to no connection with the rest of the titles, albeit for a familiar “deserted landscape.”

The studio says it’s “delighted” to present a fresh take on the series. However, fans are not too happy to see the beloved stealth franchise giving a survival-horror entry.  By the time of this. The game will release mid-2017.

Source: PC Gamer