10 Effective Methods to Relieve Different Kinds of Body Pain

As we grow older we keep getting reminders of how frail our body is recovering. Many people suffer from different kinds of chronic pains, in their back, neck, legs, etc. Often, the pain has an underlying cause which, when treated, relieves the pain as well. For example, it is possible for you to be in a minor car accident but not notice that there is some pain and stiffness in your neck until a few days later. This pain is due to whiplash and whiplash treatment can also include home remedies and personal care. Similarly, there are many other conditions with specific causes.

However, there are still many times in which our body pain is simply a result of age and not taking proper care of your health. Fortunately, most anatomical pains like this can be relieved with simple methods such as the following:


Exercising is crucial for everyone’s well-being. Not getting enough exercise over the years has severe effects on the body and often leads to severe chronic pain in different parts of the body.

The good news, however, is that it is never too late to start exercising. So if you are just beginning to experience mild anatomical pain and are worried about your health, it might be time to hit the gym. Remember that you’re not going to start lifting 100 kilograms right off the bat. You should start slow and get your body slowly used to the intensity before moving it up a notch.

Physical Therapy

If the pain is severe and is attached to underlying medical conditions, you can try going for physical therapy as well. In physical therapy sessions, they essentially help you perform exercises that strengthen your muscles and help in relieving pain. They also help to improve posture.

Chiropractic Treatment

Going to a chiropractor in your adult life is nothing short of doing yourself a favor. The practice of chiropractic medicine revolves around the spine. It is believed that the malalignment of your spine is causing illnesses and chronic pain. The practitioner then proceeds to align your spine in all the regions so that your nerves and CSF flow smoothly.

While this treatment is not a definite cure for most health conditions, it does help with pain and improving posture in most people. And you do not have to go for sessions very often, so it’s not a big burden on your schedule either.

Hot and Cold Pack

Hot and cold treatment has been highly effective in relieving many kinds of pains. These include pain from fracture, sprains, soft-tissue injuries, swelling, and many other conditions. There is no conclusive research or statement that backs up which of the two treatments work better, heat therapy or cold therapy, which is why it is alright to use whichever you prefer.


You can also try going for a spa day and getting a nice, relaxing massage. Masseuses are trained in relieving pressure points and knots in different parts of the body. If you have any kind of muscle pain or pain caused by stress and anxiety, going to a massage parlor is your best bet.

Most massage parlors also use aromatherapy to soothe the mind which ultimately relaxes the body as well. All these factors combined can help relieve pain that especially comes from anxiety and stress.

Essential Oils

Very often, masseuses use a special oil blend to perform their massages. They also use essential oil in their scent diffusers that help in relaxing the mind and body. Different essential oils have different benefits for the mind and body.

If possible, you should get a scent diffuser for your home and use relaxing essential oils in it if you are under stress or anxiety.

Improved Posture

Another big reason why you might be facing anatomical pains is your posture. Take note of how you sit and stand throughout the day. If you are putting too much strain on your arms while reaching the computer, or too much strain on your neck when looking at the screen, stop and adjust your position.

Move your chair closer to your desk. Keep your space organized. And add back support and a headrest to your chair if there isn’t one. When you fix your posture many of your chronic pains will go away on their own.


If you are experiencing severe pain, which often results from stress and bad posture as well, you can also have painkillers. If some part of your body is swollen up or you can redness, you can also benefit from using anti-inflammatory medicines like ibuprofen.

Keep in mind that painkillers are good for temporary relief only and cannot cure any of the problems you are otherwise facing medically.

Sleeping Right

Another thing that can have a massive impact on anatomical body pain is the position you sleep in and your mattress. So first and foremost, notice the position in which you sleep. Make sure none of your limbs is twisted or under too much pressure.

Other than that, make sure that the mattress you are sleeping on is also suitable for your posture. If you feel that the mattress is creating pressure points on your body, try flipping to the other side. If it still feels painful, it’s time for a new mattress. Keep in mind that a good mattress is essential for your comfort and you cannot compromise on it under any circumstances.

Taking Care of Your Digestive System

Another reason why we feel pain in our lower back, in our chest and other areas randomly is because of indigestion. Make sure you are eating a well-balanced diet and not loading up on fats or spicy food. Also, make sure you eat at least two hours before bedtime otherwise other problems can also come up. Eating too much can also cause heartburn which is severe pain in the chest. Keep track of what you eat and how much you eat for a well-functioning digestive system.