YouTube Rewind Canceled; Creators Can Continue With End-Of-Year Videos

YouTube Rewind has been permanently discontinued. But YouTube content creators can continue to produce end-of-the-year videos that capture the entire experience of the outgoing year. YouTube failed to release Rewind in 2020 due to the pandemic and the global outcry generated by George Floyd’s death, Tubefilter reveals.

YouTube Rewind is YouTube’s video that captures the popular videos, memes, trends, and songs that captured public attention within a given year. Rewind is released towards the end of the year to remind people of the important events of the outgoing year and to celebrate the positive energies that went into making YouTube an important part of people’s lives.

YouTube Rewind was launched 10 years ago. And following its initial release in 2011, it quickly became the most hated video on YouTube – to date. People cried to have Rewind abandoned, but YouTube turned a deaf ear and still released it yearly since 2019. The company followed the initial focus till 2018 but changed tactics in 2019 with the way the content was presented.

And then it failed to produce Rewind in 2020, and now the cancelation news when it should be preparing the hit the net in the later part of 2021.

“Since Rewind started in 2011, we have seen creators from MrBeast [54 million views], elrubiusOMG, and Slayy Point, to so many more, create their own end-of-year videos, uniquely capturing the year from each of their perspectives,” YouTube revealed. “It’ll continue to be inspiring to see the myriad of ways the most creative content producers in the world — our YouTube creators — encapsulate the end of the year in their video recaps, as YouTube retires its own Rewind video.”

Although YouTube will no longer produce Rewind, it will not stop creators from producing it. YouTube will not sponsor the creation of these end-of-the-year videos in any way, but it will promote them on social media channels if third-party producers create them. The company disclosed that the annual trends list will continue to be produced to rank impactful videos and creators, and the Streamy Awards will also be observed.

When YouTube users criticized Rewind in 2018, YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki agreed that the content’s production and acceptability were low. The company however stated that it is planning a worldwide year-end experience that YouTube users will find interactive and rewarding, but the details were not provided and people can only speculate for the time being.