YouTube Music Tests Up Next Song Feature to Filter Playlist From Radio Queues

If Spotify is not your thing, then you might want to consider YouTube Music which is adding new features since the demise of Play Music. One of the latest features undergoing tests on YouTube Music is an up-next song feature that enables you to filter playlists from radio queues.

According to insiders, YouTube Music has already simplified the feature of saving your music queues in the form of a playlist; the online music app is now testing suggestion filters to determine what shows up in song queues through the Up Next feature.

The new user-interface displays the radio station the desired music is coming from, under which tab a user can customize the next queued songs using the Up Next option. There is the All tab which is the default option, and to this are added Familiar, Recommendation, and Instrumental. The filter pills for each song vary, and they only work for music queues played by radio stations.

To this extent, users can listen to different songs without tweaking the Home feed. You can also change the Up Next song if you do not like it using the Familiar tab. Users can equally enjoy a great time using the Now Playing UI to initiate new songs. Depending on the current radio mix, users can use the filters to acquire the tone of the music mix they desire to play, one after the other.

The Instrumental tab will enable you to listen to music at work without getting distracted since only the instrumentals will play, and you can switch to All when you are set to listen to all the songs outlined in your playlist. However, this reported Up Next YouTube Music feature is yet to show up on most smartphone devices, and it may take some days or even weeks before it goes global.