Why Your Small Business Needs Payroll Software

Payroll processing requires a lot of time to establish in a small business, and startups either need to plan ahead or rush to get a temporary option set up. Payrolls are not just a formality but a necessary part of running a business and one that you need to get right if you want to avoid future legal troubles.

Good payroll software can make it much easier to get your business established and running smoothly, especially if that software comes with other features and tools that might make everything easier. But how much of a difference does useful software make?


The cost of getting new software can be nothing compared to the extra costs you would suffer if you made a mistake. For example, using a high-quality paystub generator can allow you to produce pay stubs quickly and easily, freeing up more time for your employees to do things that will actually turn a profit.

Beyond that, most of these tools are going to be relatively cheap, especially compared to hiring somebody who is experienced enough to create paystubs without third-party tools. While you might value the extra effort that a hands-on paystub creator can offer, it is not necessary for most industries and simply wastes money and time.

The more something costs, the more effective it should be. If you are paying a lot for software that is barely helping, then you might as well switch to using a new tool instead.


Being able to make paystubs and payslips quickly is more important than you might think. It gets around the problem of your financial reports or employee payments being delayed or held up behind other payroll processing issues, which can mean that some employees do not get paid on time.

On top of that, there is the fact that normal payroll processing can take a while. Without an easy way to create a pay stub quickly, it is quite common to see payroll experts spending entire days just trying to get employee wages in order, often near the end of the month when there is not much time left for them to be finished and sent off.


Using high-quality payroll software can be a very convenient way to tackle your business’ payroll needs, making it much easier to get the bulk of the work done quickly and simply. For example, a paystub generator automates a large part of the work, meaning that your employees need to focus on less and can still produce the same (or better) results.

Adding convenience is always worth the extra cost, especially if that convenience enables your employees to be more productive and struggle less with getting their work done. Even the most basic of payroll tools might make a huge difference in how quickly they get the tasks completed.

Sites like ThePayStubs are good places to look for online tools such as a paystub generator. Since they have tools dedicated to specific things, you can choose exactly which ones will fit with your business, all without paying extra for additional tools that you are not actually going to use.