Who Should Pisces Marry?

Astrology offers countless insights, but in many cases, its greatest gift is the information about the compatibility between two zodiac signs. The zodiac and the traits of each sign can tell you about more than romance, including familial connections, friendships, and other pairings. However, it’s the conventional relationships that stand out most often. After all, in a world of fairy tales and happily-ever-afters, of course, we want to know where to find that perfect love story! Fortunately, astrology offers just that, such as the best match for Pisces.

All About Pisces

Pisces, the mutable water sign, breeds those of great intuition, spirituality, and imagination. This dreamy, emotional sign is in tune with the flow of the universe, acting as visionaries and caretakers.

In love, more specifically, Pisces is as sensitive as ever, reveling in trust and open sharing. They have a deep spiritual connection with their partners and relationships in all forms. Their intuition allows them to craft a spiritual connection with their lovers, building relationships and sexual tension through degrees of vulnerability. With their deep emotions, Pisces is capable of powerful connections, especially when they’re connecting with a good match.

Pisces Compatibility

So, the question is, who should Pisces marry? Looking to zodiac compatibility can offer incomparable insight into your long-term relationship and how you might achieve the connection of your dreams by building a romantic relationship with a deeply compatible sign. For Pisces, they’ll find a particularly good match with their two fellow water signs or the earth sign, Virgo.

Pisces and Scorpio

The relationship between Pisces and Scorpio is intense, built upon the two trusting one another and sharing their feelings. These water signs will build a strong long-term relationship with ease so long as they share a level of emotional intelligence. Scorpio’s strong sense of purpose can balance out Pisces’ tendency to flow through life while Pisces’ deep spiritual connection allows them to go all-in in their commitment to Scorpio and their support of their convictions.

Pisces and Cancer

As their relationship with Scorpio, the pairing of Pisces and Cancer is one of relation and trust. Cancer has the power to nurture Pisces through the ebb and flow of their spiritual journey while Pisces can find their truest purpose through their connection and Cancer’s support. Cancer thrives on offering this emotional support and nurturing wisdom while Pisces will enjoy the support in achieving their loftiest dreams.

Pisces and Virgo

Virgo isn’t a water sign like Pisces or their matches, Scorpio and Cancer. However, it’s still a powerful connection for Pisces. The mutable earth sign prefers to be of service in their love connections and forms a sense of balance between themselves and Pisces. Together, they can unite their visions to form one whole, with Pisces taking in a universal openness and Virgo offering a more detail-oriented point of view. In practice, Pisces will use this perspective to dream up elements of the relationship while Virgo handles the details and makes those dreams a reality.

With Scorpio, Cancer, or Virgo, Pisces can take advantage of their deeply intuitive selves to build a strong, powerful long-term relationship. This romance builds a once-in-a-lifetime connection, with the ideal balance of each sign’s strengths and weaknesses to develop a relationship that’s both mutually symbiotic and intrinsically romantic. Each sign can teach the other new things while building one another up. Of course, like any pairing, these matches will have their share of disagreements and insecurities. But, with their powerful connections and deep, celestial partnership, they’re better able to build a happy, healthy relationship that will go down in history for its compatibility.