Nine Things Not to Do While Using WhatsApp

WhatsApp is among the most used messaging apps in the world. It is equally popular among people from almost all walks of life. Not only is it used to keep in touch with friends and families, but it is also used for business purposes as well, as it is for sharing information on almost anything under the sky.

With such an extensive functionality, you must refrain from doing things on the app that you shouldn’t be doing on the betting sites, not on gamstop. There are no hard and fast rules as such, but just a few guidelines that you should adhere to keep your conversations safe and straightforward on the platform.

Mentioned here are nine things you should not do while using WhatsApp.

1. Don’t be pesky.

The platform is meant to be used as a means of communication but not to disturb others. If you have an inkling of someone not liking the messages you send, that should be a clear enough signal for you to leave him or her alone. Don’t keep pestering them with your messages.

2. Be responsible with your choice of words:

While the use of foul language by any means is to be avoided at all costs, you must also be careful with your words lest it should hurt anybody. This is particularly applicable during group chats as something acceptable to a particular user base might not be so for others.

3. Use emoji judiciously.

Emojis are meant to convey a message for which maybe you don’t have the right words. Or rather, it can be a fun way to tell what you think or feel in response to a message. That said, too much usage of emojis can still be counterproductive. For instance, sending too many emojis might make the recipient believe you are not interested in the conversation. Also, refrain from using emojis during serious discussions as it might make it seem you aren’t serious enough. Also, those who aren’t well versed on those won’t know what you are saying, leading to changes in a communication gap.

4. Don’t forward just about anything.

Any message that has been forwarded to you is not meant to be forwarded again. Rather, you should only forward those that you identify yourself with. For instance, a joke that you found funny may not be to the taste of everyone. So, use the Forward option wisely.

5. Don’t spread rumours, hatred.

WhatsApp has often been used to spread rumour stories, leading to even mass unrest and chaos. So, before you hit the Forward button, do your research and find out if what has been said is indeed the truth. That way, you can break the rumour chain and do a lot of good to the society in the process.

Don’t send too much media files.

The sheer ease with which you can share your favourite photos and videos to your contacts can be temptation enough to go for it. However, avoid sending media files too much as it might not always be convenient for the recipient to view them allowing to bandwidth issues.

6. Don’t wait too long for a response.

While it is considered courteous to respond to every message – something that you too should be doing – you should wait for a while for the replies to come in. Be patient though, beyond a point, you should know there is no response coming your way.

7. Be clear with your communications.

Make up your mind about what you wish to convey. Jot them down as a single message chunk instead of sending each line as a separate message. This will make your message seem more professional and has higher chances of being taken seriously.

8. Think before taping on the Send button.

Though there always is the option to delete a message that you have already sent, the very act that you deleted a message gets mentioned. This might be okay for casual chats though not quite so during business dealings or official proceedings. So, go through what you are sending before you hit the Send button.

9. Don’t WhatsApp and drive.

Last but definitely not the least, using WhatsApp while driving is never a smart thing to do. You can at best use the voice commands through such distractions too can lead to disastrous consequences. So, avoid WhatsApp while you are at the wheels at all costs, unless you are in some sort of a life-threatening situation, that is.