What to Do After a Car Crash in Long Island

Long Island is one of the most attractive places in New York City. With attractions ranging from charming downtowns to the breathtaking Gold Coast Mansions, Long Island is simply the destination. Sadly, it is not entirely safe from car crashes.

Every day, several vehicles cause accidents on the Long Island highways. Although this is a scary realization; it should not let you cancel your long-awaited trip to the Jones, Hamptons, or Fire Island beaches. We have compiled a list of what to do after a car crash in Long Island.

What to Do After a Car Crash

1. Seek Immediate Medical Attention

As soon as possible after a car accident, you should see a professional medical doctor. The doctor will assess your condition and determine the extent of your injuries before prescribing the necessary medicine for your recovery.

It is not advisable to put off your doctor’s visit as this will only interfere with your compensation claim. It would be best if you also remembered that your health supersedes any other thing in an accident. Do not focus on gathering evidence at the expense of your health.

2. Inform the Authorities

Depending on the state you are in during the accident, reach out to the relevant authorities and report the accident. In most cases, the police or the highway authorities will handle all matters dealing with car accidents and crashes.

Informing the authorities of the accident is paramount to your case since you cannot file a car accident claim without first informing the authorities of the accident. The authorities will then determine who the at-fault party is and file a detailed report on the accident.

The report is very useful as it acts as evidence when you are battling for compensation.

3. Contact Your Insurance Company

Unless you are willing to foot all the costs related to the accident and car repairs, it is wise to call your insurance provider and inform them of the accident. The sooner you inform your insurance company about the accident, the better it will be for you. Even when the accident was your fault and not the other party’s negligence, your insurance company may help you in settling the other party’s compensations.

4. Collect Relevant Evidence

Without solid evidence, there stands no case in court. Therefore, to get compensated after a crash, you may need to collect all the relevant information related to the crash. If you are in a position to, it would be very beneficial to take photographs of the crime scene. This will bring out a clear picture of what occurred and how the accident happened. You can also use photos to show who the at-fault party is.

5. Gather Witness Contact Information

If there are any eyewitnesses on the scene, reach out to them and take their contact numbers. This is very useful since witnesses will help establish fully who the at-fault party is.

6. Seek Legal Help

One of the first things you should do after an accident is to seek legal counsel from a Long Island car accident lawyer. An experienced lawyer will always know how to deal with compensations and matters to do with a car accident. It is, however, important to get yourself a local Long Island lawyer. They will be far more helpful since they are well-versed with all the laws about traffic.

Safety Is the Best Solution

Although following these steps could go a long way in saving you from trouble, the best thing to do is be a careful driver. Always remember that recklessness could lead to very dire consequences and even result in death.