Twitter to Relaunch Blue Check Subscription Service for iPhone Users on Monday

Twitter has announced that it will relaunch its revamped Blue Check subscription service for iPhone users on Monday. The social media company did not reveal the reasons for the paid upgrade for iPhone users, but it listed a number of benefits to be gained. The price uptick for the Blue Check service is only for Apple device users, and not for Android users.

Analysts, however, believe the increased payment for iPhone users may be to offset the fees charged by Apple for its App Store. Apple charges a 30% fee for software developers using in-app purchases on its Apple Store. After acquiring Twitter, Elon Musk accused Apple of attempting to boot Twitter from its App Store – but later disclosed that the matter had been resolved after meeting with Apple CEO Tim Cook.

According to the company, iPhone users will be able to edit tweets, upload 1080p videos, and acquire the Blue checkmark for their accounts after subscription and verification. Subscribers will be able to enjoy these perks by subscribing to the service for $8 per month on computers, and $11 per month on Apple mobile devices.

Twitter planned to relaunch the Twitter Blue subscription service in November but postponed the initiative following the proliferation of spam accounts. It also tried to relaunch it on November 29 but this was pushed back again. A revamped version for iPhone users will now launch on Monday, December 12, barring any unforeseen circumstances.