A Las Vegas bar is taking AI to the next level with an entirely automated service run by robots. Image: Compfight

The Tipsy Robot, a recently opened bar in Las Vegas, has switched bartenders for robots who promise to make you the perfect cocktail. With gadgets similar to futuristic movies, these machines can’t listen to your troubles and despairs, but they can surely make you a drink you’ll be pleased with.

Customers can choose out of a mix of 120 bottles and the robot arm will make the drink without making a mistake that will tarnish it.

The bar, which claims to be the world’s first land-based bar to employ robots as A-class bartenders, can make the robotic workers prepare any drink the client desires in 90 seconds, even if they need to decorate the drink with extra ingredients.

How does The Tipsy Robot work?

Once customers arrive, they can opt for the human bar featuring the same $14 concoctions like the “Deep Space Brew”, or head straight into the robot attraction. Patrons who want beer or wine can find them with the flesh-and-blood vendors.

One of the main attractions of the bar, is being able to create your own cocktail and customizing it according to the client’s desires with the simple and practical use of a tablet, where the guests can choose and explore from a wide range of starting base alcohol, blending it with other types of booze (with over fifteen types of syrups and fruits).

The beverages can be as simple as gin and tonic or as complex as the user sets it out to be. Then, in a tab labeled “ACTIONS”, the user can dictate if they want the robot to stir, muddle or shake – with the added bonus that the drinker can name their drinking creation.

Once the drink is finished and ready to be served, the customer’s name is displayed on a screen that patrons then scan a QR code that has been sent to their cell phone to collect their drink. Finally, in order to pay the tab, the client just has to swipe a credit card or give cash to a human employee.

The Tipsy Robot features and details

With a particular approach in the bar industry, the now owner of the bar of the future, Rino Armeni claims, “The robots are here to be an attraction and entertainment.” When the machinery is not busy making drinks, their robotic arms dance to the beat of the music that’s been played.

The average of a drink at the Tipsy Robot is around $14 each. And among their options to ingest is also the titled “Robo-Shot” and the 28-ounce “Bionic Bomb” in a souvenir cup.

In a social media era, customers are constantly encouraged to post pictures of their experience and creations on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

Source: BBC