The Top 5 Types of Custom Transfer Stickers

Thinking about designs for custom transfer stickers and how to use them? Broadly put, you use transfer stickers when you have a design you want to put on a surface without printing on the surface or painting it. Think car decals and other things printed on colored vinyl pieces with adhesive backing to hold them on the new surface.

Applied via Clear or Paper Transfer Tape

When researching transfer stickers, you’ll notice that clear or paper transfer tape is the overall best option no matter what materials you’re placing the stickers on. See these examples of stickers using clear or paper transfer tape.

What Can I Use Custom Transfer Stickers For?

Transfer stickers might appear to lack versatility. However, they are incredibly durable and can be used in many circumstances.

1. Vehicle Decals

As mentioned, one of the uses for transfer stickers is on your vehicle. Depending on the type of sticker used, yours could last anywhere from five months to six years. If you find the right transfer sticker for your car, it’ll withstand car washes and weather conditions.

2. Window Clings

Household windows are another great place for stickers. Put up images of your favorite characters or maybe something colorful to shine rainbow beams into your room. These can be the perfect renter-friendly way to spice up your house.

3. T-Shirt Designs

With the right materials and your favorite design, you can take a plain white tee and spruce it up with a unique look. Shirts are the perfect way to turn a transfer sticker into a wearable beauty.

4. Tote Bags

Similar to the t-shirt idea, you can transfer your custom stickers to your favorite tote bag to add a beautiful design. Everyone will be jealous when they see your custom tote making an appearance!

5. Mugs

What better way to drink coffee than from a mug with your own custom design? Be careful when using transfer stickers on mugs, and be sure to look into whether your mug would be dishwasher-safe after placing your sticker on it.

There are many ways to utilize your custom transfer stickers, whether for business or personal use. The above five types are the most popular, but feel free to get creative! The world is your oyster when it comes to custom transfer stickers.