The Best Website Builders to Help You Build Your Platform

A website builder is a special service that allows you to create a website without the help of programmers and layout designers. Without having skills in HTML, CSS, and JS, you can create a landing page, a multi-page website, and even a full-fledged online store.

In today’s article, we’ll talk about the best website builders to create websites from scratch, as well as analyze their main advantages.

Why Try a Website Builder?

Let’s imagine that you wanted to create a site like because you want to engage in bookmaking. Previously, to do this, it was necessary to hire a designer, layout designer, copywriter, and programmer, now it is enough one specialist. Now everything is easier because any website builder allows the user to design and create a multi-functional site in a short period. This significantly reduces costs and allows newly opened companies to develop their online business.

But that’s not all: the budget can be cut to a minimum if you create a site in the designer. Every similar service offers templates, with which you can create a site in just a few clicks. In addition, the designer allows you to assemble the site from individual elements – you can place images, buttons, text, and other elements arbitrarily in it.

Review of the Best Website Builders

We briefly reviewed the opportunities that provide various website builders, and now we move smoothly to the review of the best tools from Russian and foreign developers.


WIX – this is one of the most popular website builders in the world. It is great for both simple lendings, and for a full-fledged online store – it has been used to create more than 175 million different sites.

The main feature is the creation of a database and programming the behavior of elements depending on given conditions, which is great for both beginners and professional web designers. Wix provides access to more than 500 website templates, with basic options easily adaptable to mobile devices. Another feature is Wix ADI, which allows the website builder to build a website based on the data entered.

In addition, a wide range of marketing options are provided: you can track which device a visitor has come from, which pages are popular, and which should be worked on.


One of the heroes of our time in website development is Tilda. Landing, multi-page site, online store – all this can be done based on templates, and with the help of the tool “Zero-Block”. It allows you to design pages of the site with your own hands and insert text, shape, button, video, gallery, and much more. In it, you can also set up animation and slightly edit photos.

Also recently there are templates created with Zero-Block. Thanks to this, you can pick up a template site and quickly remake it to suit your needs.

To see the ready solutions on Tilde you can on the official website – their users put projects that have already been implemented in the work.


Nethouse is a solution for those who want to create a website with their own hands without any difficulties. The free rate provides users with an SSL certificate with the ability to connect a 3rd level domain, as well as dozens of adaptive templates for different industries.

If we talk about the editor, it is not particularly functional: you can change only those elements that are provided in the template. We can also link the site to Google Analytics, CRM, Google Ads, and other services.


The last designer on our list is called LPGenerator. It is a powerful tool that deserves special attention. For the most part, it is suitable for professional developers who know how to achieve high site conversion. For beginners, however, the service can seem quite complicated: it will take a lot of time to get used to the interface and master all the functionality.


  • Fine SEO-tuning: editing meta tags and alt tags, setting different levels of headers, and much more.
  • Functional visual builder with graphic editor tools and the possibility of deep template customization.
  • Integration with a large number of services for interaction with visitors.
  • Rate plans that allow you to create several dozens of web pages on one account.


Choosing a builder is a time-consuming process. Today we have considered the best solutions that can be found on the market. Let’s summarize:

  • If you need to create a full-fledged landing page that will bring a large flow of customers, then we recommend using designers such as Tilda or Wix.
  • If you need to develop an online store we also recommend paying attention to Wix or Tilda.
  • For a business card or portfolio site, you can use any tool from the list. We advise paying attention to inexpensive designers, such as Crafted.

Thank you for your attention and good luck with your choice!