The Best Place to Live in Colorado and Why
Kait Herzog @kait_herzog

According to the U.S News, the best place to live in Colorado is Boulder. The reasoning behind this is determined based on several reasons such as migration costs, desirability, job market, and the quality of life. For any city to be considered good in terms of living, there are certain conditions as previously mentioned, that must be fulfilled. Boulder checkmarks all of these categories and is worthy of being atop the list of best places to live in.

Boulder is known for its rapidly expanding tech industry as well as the easy access for residents to hiking trails. It is close to nature and advancing in technology at the same time, leading to increased attraction and desirability. Despite being so seemingly perfect, one cannot ignore that much like the neighboring Denver, Boulder is also relatively expensive if compared with other such cities in the US.

If one is considering moving to Boulder or wondering why Boulder has topped the list as the best place to live in for two years in a row, the reasons will be listed below. The cities with the highest scores are very competitive and rely on certain criteria to improve their ranking. Boulder also has many reasons why it scored so high.

Attracting Employers

The job market is a major reason behind every move, and Boulder has the 3rd best ranking job market in the country. The national average salary is a little over $53,000 while that in Boulder is more than $67,000. Despite all that was disrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic, Boulder managed to maintain a relatively stable job market which makes it extremely desirable for those planning a move in the future.

The tech industry is booming and companies such as Google and Apple along with other such names are serving as regular employers in Boulder. Another prominent attraction is The University of Colorado Boulder that has produced employment chances for a huge number of residents and is a reason why many people move here.

High Quality of Life

One of the prime features of Boulder is the supreme quality of life that it provides. Quality of life pertains to access to nature, such as hiking trails, the qualities of colleges and high schools, and the medical facilities to go with health care. Based on the most recent rankings by the U.S News, it ranks 1st in college readiness and 5th in well-being.

The People’s Choice

In a recent survey conducted by the U.S news regarding the places where people desire to live, Boulder ranked top 10 in the list and tied with New York City. These cities might seem drastically different but the lifestyles they provide are elite. The COVID-19 pandemic gave added worth to Boulder as people prefer access to nature over urbanization in other cities.

Housing Affordability as a Deterrent

Boulder in all its glory still lacks one thing, and that is housing affordability. In most cases, the high incomes support the housing but normal professions such as teaching and firefighting are not able to provide the required income anymore. Those who are involved in the tech industry face no financial issues as it is a peaking industry and the high annual pay offsets the high cost of living.

According to reports, the median home value in Boulder at the beginning of 2021 was over $1.3 million and people are required to bid with cash otherwise their competition gets the house. In such a competitive market the early bird gets the worm and cash-offers are far more effective in getting a bid accepted. The same report continues that people who could not initially manage the cash were inclined to borrow or loan it from relatives or banks and pay upfront before moving here.

Racial Diversity in Boulder

One of the main reasons why Boulder is critiqued is its lack of racial diversity. According to the U.S Census Bureau, about 77% of people in Boulder’s metro area are white, less than 1% Black, and 5% Asian. The highest earners also tend to be white so the economic distribution is not as balanced as it could be. However, this kind of setting might be appealing to some families while not as appealing to others.

For all the discrimination issues that are going about these days, the people of color in Boulder have reportedly faced uneasiness due to their neighbors. There is a steady increase in the racial diversity in Boulder as the Asian community now comprises about 5%, whereas in 1990 it only comprised 2% of the population.

Making Boulder Home

Keeping in mind the complaints regarding the high cost of living and racial diversity, there is still a lot to be desired in Boulder and that is what keeps the citizens coming, now, is very easy to move there and to get moving quotes online. People move here regularly and willingly to feel the freedom of being away from urbanization. Despite being a tech giant, this city is close to nature and all its glory, and more often than not, people are swayed towards it.