Tesla Recalls Over 285,000 Vehicles Assembled In China over Cruise Control Issues

Tesla will be recalling more than 285,000 electric vehicles manufactured at its Shanghai’s Gigafactory in China. The State Administration for Market Regulation in China said the vehicles were faulty in that their cruise control systems could be triggered accidentally, causing the vehicles to gather top speed immediately.

The owners of the affected vehicles would not be returning them to the automaker, but the vehicles will be upgraded and returned to their owners. The State Administration for Market Regulation revealed that the affected vehicles were manufactured between December 2019 and June 2021 and involved the company’s Model 3 and Model Y cars.

According to China’s auto regulator, the recall affected 249,855 Model 3 and Model Y vehicles made in China, as well as 35,655 Model 3 brands manufactured outside China but imported into the country. Tesla will likely be upgrading the software for the cruise control systems for the vehicles remotely/online before returning them to their owners, CNBC reports.

This is the first time Tesla will be recalling vehicles manufactured locally in China over software problems, and this situation has compounded the bad publicity the automaker is facing in China in recent times over security concerns with its electric cars. Industry analysts also state that Tesla’s customer service in China is very poor and unprofessional.

Despite this situation, Tesla sold 33,463 vehicles manufactured at its Shanghai facility in May in China, and industry data suggested it may have sold more than that in June. The company’s Model 3 vehicle is a sedan and the Model Y brand is a sport-utility vehicle. After constructing the Shanghai facility in 2018 with production commencing in late 2019, Tesla said its overall objective is to sell 500,000 vehicles every year in China.

Source: theverge.com