Teenager Arrested With Guns and Explosives; Plans to Assassinate Joe Biden

A teenager in Kannapolis, originally from Washington, has been arrested with a van containing guns and explosives with detailed plans to murder former Vice President Joe Biden. The 19-year-old was charged in September 2019 with owning child pornography.

Alexander Hillel Treisman first fell into the police dragnet in May when employees at the Third Fifth Bank in Kannapolis alerted the police of an abandoned van on their premises. When the police searched the van, they found several assorted weapons and contraband in the vehicle.

Amongst items found by the police were an AR-15 style rifle, a canister of explosive material Tannerite, a box for Taurus .380, a box of 5.56 caliber ammunition, and $500,000 in cash. Also seen in the vehicle were drawings of swastikas and planes crashing into buildings, books about survival, bomb-making, improved weapons, and Islam.

When Treisman, who went by the alias Alexander S. Theiss, was arrested and investigations began, the investigating officers found out that the teenager had an unusual interest in acts of terrorism, including mass shootings. They discovered he had purchased these guns in many parts of the country, including Washington, Kansas, New Hampshire, and West Virginia, WBTV reports.

A look into his electronic device showed many shocking revelations. He had in his Samsung Galaxy S9 device a plan describing how he would carry out a mass shooting at a food court on Black Friday or Christmas; there were images from video footage of the Christ Church New Zealand mosque shooting he had downloaded; he shared a post on Reddit in February about pedophilia; talked about raping minors and had posted child porn; made an audio recording where he alluded to killing two parents and raping their daughter.

There was also a call recording between the teenager and his mother, wherein she asked him to jump bail. There were other graphic contents on his device which the authorities reeled out.

When the police searched his phone, they discovered he had made a meme with a caption, “Should I kill Joe Biden?” which he posted to a forum. He also sought out crucial information on Biden from the internet, including the latter’s home address, state gun laws, and night vision goggles.

Investigations also revealed that this teen was within few miles of Biden’s home. He had written down a to-do list with the word “execute” as the high point of the checklist, possibly to carry out his threats.

When the FBI made further investigations, they discovered thousands of videos and images that displayed child pornography. While a total of 1,248 videos and pictures were found in his cache, 637 of the videos revealed child pornography content relating to sadism and masochism.

To escape the country after carrying out his dastardly plans, Treisman had communicated with an immigration lawyer about moving to Canada. The police found the picture of a rental agreement.

A dig into the teenager’s criminal past revealed that he had no past criminal record. The FBI discovered that he had been diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome at age 12. However, when questioned, the teenager disputed this diagnosis. He was subsequently remanded in jail. A judge ruled that he posed a severe threat to society.

Source: abcnews.go.com