Technologies That Have Become Key Over the Past Ten Years
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Technology is one of the most important parts of the life of human activity. Technology allows us to order food at home, play at the Woo Casino Canada, watch movies at home, and not at the cinema. In this article, we will summarize the results of the last decade and the technologies that we’re able to take pride of place during this period.

1. Internet of the 5th Generation

Back in 2010, for mobile devices, the maximum network speed was 1.5 Mbit/s maximum. 3G/IMT-2000 was the main source of access to the World Wide Web, and the fourth generation was only planned. In the same year, the CDMA2000 — EV-DO Rev standard was born, which became the fastest and gave a maximum speed of 4.9 Mbit/s. Not everyone could use this luxury.

After that, 4G appears and since 2011 it has been rapidly gaining momentum. 4G speeds reach 100 Mbps, and it is used in more than eighty countries. Since 2019, the full-fledged service of the fifth generation of the network begins. The first to launch 5G was South Korea after China took over the baton and rapidly became the leader in the use of the fifth-generation network on its territory.

The network turned out to be 945% faster than its predecessor and has the ability to provide a speed of 959 Mbit/s. At the moment, technology is just beginning to cover the world, but it won’t be long before the Internet becomes available and as fast as possible.

2. Drones and Electric Vehicles

Despite the fact that the first electric car appeared 40 years ago, the scale of production falls in 2010. Ten years ago, sales of cars were scanty, less than 100 thousand units were sold worldwide. In 2020, the figure rose to 2.3 million. In global volumes, the number of electric cars used is not so large (4.8 million – 3% of the world market), but the growing popularity shows great promise. At the moment, more than half of the total number of electric cars are rolling on the roads of China.

More about drones. Since 2016, Waymo has been working closely with drones. Since Waymo is a subsidiary of Google, drones are mainly used for Google. In addition, the company has an unmanned taxi, which has rolled more than 32 million km across the expanses of the state of Arizona. So far, the technology is not popular enough to launch large-scale production, but there is an opinion that by 2030 this transport will fully occupy its niche in the world.

3. 3d Printing

Back in 1983, the world saw a 3D printer. And popularity came to him only in 2010. This year, a body for a car made of metal was created using 3D technology, then in 2011 the fuselage of the aircraft. In 2020, 3D printers have covered the manufacture of hundreds of materials and are able to create many different incredible things. The technology is so powerful that it can be used in any field, for example, to create blood vessels and neuroprostheses.

4. Big Data

According to Statista, in 2010 there were two zettabytes of data on the Internet, quite a lot. But if you look at the data in 2020, and this is 59 zettabytes, then 2 is somehow not enough. Over the course of ten years, the volume has increased enormously by 30 times. But if you believe the analysts, this figure will creep up to 149 zettabytes in 4 years.

At the same time, the structuring of all the information that is on the network does not forget to increase. In 2010, only 9% were able to sort out all the global information that was located on the network, in 2019 this number increased to 13%.

The analytics market also does not stand still, big data is constantly being updated with new areas of use. Frost & Sullivan predicts more than 35% of the annual growth of the sphere for big data, and the analytics market will be able to reach about $ 67 billion in 2012.

More rapid development is noted in artificial intelligence. Of course, the creation of a true AI is still far away, but the successes in this area are enormous. We note two projects, the first was created in 2017. The algorithm that was created was able to play 44 million chess games in a day, thereby achieving a result that a person cannot do. The second project was presented in 2020.  An algorithm has been created that is capable of processing natural language using parameters in the amount of 175 billion. and generating texts that are very similar to those created by man.


The world and technology are changing rapidly and with it we ourselves. We hope that this top was useful to you and it gave you some thoughts.