Super Nintendo World Is Coming to the United States In 2023

Super Nintendo World is coming to the United States in 2023. Nintendo US will debut at the Universal Studios Hollywood Park and will feature new rides and interactive sections that will delight theme park visitors, the entertainment company announced.

Universal Studios Hollywood announced on Twitter that “Super Nintendo World is opening in 2023 at Universal Studios Hollywood. Level up with exclusive merch at the feature presentation store, opening soon.” This was confirmed by John Vignocchi, Nintendo’s head of Third Party Portfolio Management, who said Nintendo is “psyched” to open in the US next year.

In 2021, Universal Studios Japan welcomed Super Nintendo World. The Japan studio has a theme park that accommodates food and merch items and is credited as “a theme park experience unlike any other” in the country. Starting from 2024, the park in Japan which has a Mario theme will feature a Donkey Kong section.

Internal sources said Universal Studios parks in Orlando and Singapore will open Nintendo World in 2025; other studios in other parts of the globe may also have Nintendo in the near future.

People familiar with the development said Universal Studios Hollywood will sell Nintendo items before the 2023 opening. They said it will feature apparel and hats, as well as other items with Mario and Luigi themes. The items may also feature Nintendo characters such as Luigi, Bowser, Yoshi, and Mario among others.

Nintendo video games and characters have existed for more than 40 years, with millions of die-hard fans around the world. The company has continued to improve its entertainment offerings through technological innovations that hook and awe global fans.