Streaming Services vs. Cable TV: Side by Side Comparison

We are all looking out for ways to save money as much as we can. Be its utility bills, food expenses, grocery, or entertainment. When it comes to TV entertainment, there have been some major shifts in trends. No doubt, cable TV providers like RCN TV remain a favorite among viewers for flexible plans and budget-friendly prices, but the battle of cable TV with streaming services is real. It has been gaining momentum and today, it is a tough call. With a large number of cable TV providers ruling the industry for so long, the boom of streaming services has changed trends to the point that they now stand as one of the biggest competitors to the cable industry. Now, with so many cable services or streaming options available to the users, the choices are never-ending. Viewers have more choices and better rates to consider for good TV services. With a fast internet connection easily available everywhere at considerable prices, the popularity of streaming services has risen more than ever before.

Nowadays, we all have internet access to carry out our routine online activities which makes streaming services a very convenient and accessible option. However, cable TV still finds its place in almost every home in America because of the extensive channel lineups and remains a good source of quality family time. If you are confused picking between cable TV and streaming services, and wondering what would be the right choice for you, then fret no more. Here we are going to provide a thorough comparison between both, so that you can choose the more suitable option for yourself, considering your budget, preferable channel lineup, and other aspects. Here we go!

Streaming Services

Let us first have a detailed look at the various aspects of streaming services, including the pros and cons:

  • Flexibility and Convenience

If you compare cable TV and streaming services in terms of flexibility and convenience, then streaming services are the winner here. Well, unlike cable, you are not bound to any annual contract or early termination fee. You do not have to worry about escalating bills or lookout for any hidden charges that ghost your cable TV bills. With a streaming service subscription, it is pretty simple. You sign up, log in to your account, subscribe to a plan of your choice, and terminate it whenever you want. No contract signing or no termination charges to worry about.

  • Cost Efficiency

When it comes to affordability, streaming services offer cheaper plans as compared to cable TV. You also have different plans and options to choose from and be charged accordingly. Still, you can subscribe to Netflix or Hulu for a much cheaper monthly fee than the pricey cable TV bills.

  • Customization

With streaming services, viewing has become more customized. This means you can binge-watch your favorite shows without waiting for a scheduled time for the episodes to be aired as is the case with cable TV. Streaming services recommend movies and TV shows as per your viewing habits.

  • Dependency on High-Speed Internet

While comparing cable TV and streaming services, you cannot deny the fact that streaming services are highly dependable on the availability of a high-speed internet connection. Otherwise, you cannot access them. Therefore, internet availability is mandatory for them.

Cable TV

Now, let us analyze the various pros and cons of cable TV in comparison to streaming services:

  • Vast Variety of Channels

With a cable TV subscription, you get to dive into the pool of a never-ending list of channels. Yes, with your magic wand, that is your remote control, you can surf among hundreds of channels of your preferred taste and type.

  • Access to Sports Channels and Live Sports

Unlike streaming services, cable TV takes care of the sports fanatics by broadcasting live sports and all the most desired sports channels as part of their different plans. If you’re a sports fan, you would surely want to opt for a suitable cable TV plan covering all your favorite sports channels and live sporting broadcast networks.

  • Cost

Cable TV plans generally cost more as compared to streaming services. Moreover, cable providers usually offer promotional deals at a very budget-friendly cost initially, but the prices tend to skyrocket in a year or two.

  • Reliability

Cable TV access does not rely on the availability of an internet connection. So, even if your internet is down, your TV service will not be affected.

Final Thoughts

The aforementioned pointers will help you make the right decision. Depending on your budget, TV watching habits, location, or availability of high-speed internet, you can now decide whether you want a cable TV subscription or avail yourself of a streaming service of your choice. Good luck!