Finally, men like me will soon be able to engage in a carnal fashion with the opposite sex. Well, in this occasion the other person will be a robot, but, as they say, nobody is perfect in this world we are living on.

RealDoll -sex toys company- has admittedly a sex doll in the works that can blink, open its mouth (for obvious reasons) and talk. Matt McMullen, founder of the company, has unveiled to the New York Times that his team is working on animating the doll at his factory located in Marcos, California. The team consists of engineers that have worked for Hanson Robotics, a robotics lab that produces lifelike humanoid robots. McMullen also said that the company is investing in the development of the doll’s personality thus making the intercourse session more realistic. Moreover, he used a concept doll called Harmony to illustrate the above.

“What is she thinking, does she like it?”

– Matt McMullen


Furthermore, McMullen added that the Realbotix head, which can be attached to a RealDoll body, will be commercially available in the next two years retailing for $10,000. The full body will set you back from $30,000 to $60,000. Based on Times, people have already paid $10,000 for his doll, specifying body type, skin and hair color. I’ve already started saving.

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