Sega May Succeed At Acquiring Angry Birds’ Rovio for $1 Billion Next Week

Sega may succeed at acquiring Rovio for nearly $1 billion next week. The Japanese gaming company was initially in talks with Israeli company Playtika, but the talks fell through last month. Playtika had offered to buy Sega for $800 million but the Angry Birds developer declined.

Although both Sega and Rovio have not commented on the potential deal, the proposal may come to reality if all goes well – according to insiders familiar with the deal. In the past few years, Tokyo-based Sega acquired Relic Entertainment (developer of Company of Heroes), Two Point Studios (developer of Two Point Campus), and Atlus, developer of Persona.

From perspective, Microsoft aims to acquire Activision Blizzard while Sony merged with Bungie. Take-Two Interactive acquired Zynga in 2022 while other mobile gaming companies continue to former mergers or acquisitions. Activision Blizzard is best known for Candy Crush and Rovio is best notable for Angry Birds.

Angry Birds was first launched in 2009 and it had gone on to garner higher revenue sales since then. In March 2022, Rovio released “Rovio Classics: Angry Birds” which features the original Angry Birds characters with all chapters in the game intact while also showcasing Easter eggs and other extras.