Samsung Stops Serving Paid Ads on Pay, Weather, Theme, and Health Apps

Samsung has stopped serving paid ads on its Pay, Weather, Theme, and Health apps. The company announced earlier this year to remove ads from the apps but has now implemented the decision in South Korea. Analysts said it is also rolling out in the United States, and this may soon be witnessed in other countries too.

This means Samsung apps users will no longer have intrusive ads being shoved down their throats. This development was first mooted on Samsung’s Community Forum before being implemented. The tech company did not announce the removal of the ads, but forum users and tech analysts just observed that they were gone.

The Samsung health operation manager confirmed this situation when contacted for confirmation. He stated that advertisements will no longer be seen on Samsung Pay and Samsung Health among others as from October 1.

“This is the Samsung Health Operation Manager,” the Samsung executive revealed. “Please note that the banner at the top of the Samsung Health app will not be provided from October 1.”

US users however observed that the “Home” tab of Samsung Pay still has the “Featured” where company products may be offered, but this is not the same as paid ads that consumers do not want to see. The company still has the right to push special offers to its users, but that cannot be equated with blatant advertisements.

Samsung Health now displays company products such as smartwatches instead of banner ads. And Samsung Weather currently displays temperature and weather forecasts instead of obstructive banner ads. The same is also true of the Galaxy Themes app.

For users who still see the annoying ads on their Samsung phones, they can use the force-stop function in Android to reset the targeted apps to stop displaying the ads.