Former President of Liberty University, Jerry Falwell, Sues the Institution for His Resignation

The former president of Liberty University, Jerry Falwell Jr. who was forced to resign after his sex scandal rocked the evangelical school’s reputation about two months ago has filed a lawsuit against Liberty University for forcing him to resign without properly investigating the claims against him. Falwell, whose father had founded the school about 40 years ago stated in the complaint that the scandal against him was a result of his close relationship with President Trump.

Falwell who was president of the university for 13 years issuing Liberty University for breach of contract and defamation though no amount was specified in the suit. Falwell was involved in different embarrassing scandals that reached a head in late August when he posted a picture of himself standing with his arm around a strange woman with his zip open on Instagram.

In the lawsuit filed in a state court in Virginia, Falwell and his attorneys stated that Liberty University’s decision to force him to resign lent some sort of credibility to the rumors and dented his reputation.

“The forced resignation has done extensive damage to Mr. Falwell’s reputation, and his profession, leading to lost business opportunities, stigma, and monetary damage, ‘ the complaint filed in Lynchburg, Virginia reads.

Scott Lamb, Senior Vice President of Liberty University told reporters on Thursday that they have not been served any litigation papers from Falwell but that when they do receive it, the university would read through the papers and examine its content properly before proceeding, NBC News reports.

Trouble started for Falwell when Giancarlo Granda, a former hotel pool boy who later became Falwell’s business partner told reporters that he had an affair with Falwell’s wife Becki Falwell. According to Granda, Falwell had known about and often participated in the affair which lasted 6 years. Falwell’s suit against Liberty University counters Granda’s allegations stating that Granda and Becki had an affair between 2012 and 2014 and that Granda has been blackmailing the family ever since.

The complaint states that the Lincoln Project, a committee of members of the Republican party who wish to stop President Donald Trump from being reelected is responsible for Granda’s actions against the Falwell’s. The suit also states that Kurt Bardella, one of Lincoln Project’s senior advisers is supporting Granda.

“The Falwell family are victims of a vicious smear campaign fueled by groups that oppose everything that the Falwells and Liberty University stands for, but surprisingly, the university believed the allegations and also contributed to the defamation,  ” the lawsuit states.

Bardella, in a statement on behalf of the Lincoln Project, didn’t say what — if any — work they’re doing on behalf of Granda. But the group didn’t hold back in mocking Falwell.

Representing the Lincoln Project, Bardella stated that they are in no way responsible for Falwell’s actions that led to his exit from Liberty University.

“The Lincoln Project didn’t ask Mr. Falwell to unzip his pants on his yacht and post the picture on Instagram, or ask him to support Trump, though, we understand why he does now, they are birds of a feather

Granda also responded to the suit on Thursday, explaining that Falwell is only trying to project himself as the victim. He also stated that he is not being sponsored by the Lincoln Project or any other group and only wanted to reveal the secret about the family’s gross abuse of power, and Falwell’s insincerity.