If you’re a lazy being who likes food and have a strong carnal desire, Pornhub might have just the device for you! They have launched a strange new product aimed at getting you in shape while you go “BOOM BOOM”.

‘BangFit’ is a mobile-based interactive fitness program, which helps you monitor and measure your own carnal actions visually. You might be lazy to go to the gym, you might be lazy to go for a run, you can’t be lazy enough to avoid sex.

The app and website provide the users with some “sexercise routines to choose from. There are options for the single player and multiple players. Mobile devices can be attached to the hip using a PornHub waistband. Like other fitness apps, this one also measures particulars like calories.

This is how the application works:

  1. Visit the website ‘’ on your computer
  2. Scroll down to the bottom, and click on ‘play.’
  3. Accept the disclaimer
  4. Select from a list of ‘one player’, ‘two players’ and ‘three players.’
  5. Select your gender and get a code
  6. Go to ‘” on your mobile
  7. Enter the code
  8. Click ‘Next’ on your computer
  9. 9Do the deed!

Note: The website is currently in beta. So enjoy while the free stuff lasts and don’t crib about the glitches!

Back in February, they had also released the ‘wankband, a smartwatch that collects energy data while banging another individual(s).

Needless to say that since the launch of the beta version, the website has had so much traffic that at times servers just can’t handle it. The regular website gets around 60 million hits in a day, so it can’t be very hard to imagine how much this new venture is going to give them.