Can You Play Online Casino Games For Real Money?

At one point or another, we’ve all hit that point in our lives where we wish we could just take a weekend trip to Vegas, win a million bucks, and then go on a nice vacation to the Caribbean. While it may seem like an unreachable dream for some, it’s an actual reality for others.

One of the best things about the internet is that it’s given gamblers worldwide a safe and secure way to bet real money on online casino games, sporting events, and traditional table games like poker and blackjack. Most online casino sites also offer the opportunity to play for free if you just want to practice or have fun without the stress of wagering your hard-earned money.

Joining these sites is quick, easy, and most don’t even require a large deposit. This means that you could deposit as little as $50 to $100 on your account and enjoy your favorite games from classic card games to new casino games as well.

Today, we’re about to give you all of the info you need to know about the legal aspect of online casino games and answer a few of the most common questions about betting with real money. Let’s take a look!

Are Casino Games Online Legal?

We would never dream of telling you to go do something illegal.

If you a quick search on Google on the legality of online video poker and casinos, then you’ll likely find a bunch of articles describing the practice as illegal or against the law. However, this only applies to casino sites that are based in the United States.

The Federal Wires Act states that unregulated bookmaking and gambling are illegal on US soil and that organizations cannot collect wagers and distribute funds in the form of money or wires. However, the law doesn’t say anything about US players participating in legal online casino games or about wagering cryptocurrency to play casino games.

These “grey areas” and legal loopholes are what has helped offshore casino sites rise to fame. Even though there are a few legal sports betting platforms in the United States (such as DraftKings), they don’t allow users to play all of the fun card games and slots that you’d find in a real casino.

What’s The Difference Between a Live Dealer Poker And Online Poker?

Online poker isn’t all that different from playing poker at a real table. The only difference is that you won’t have a live dealer and you won’t be able to look the other players in the eye and tell if they’re bluffing or not. You’ll have to operate entirely off of your own gut feeling, good luck, and chance.

That being said, you may want to exercise a bit more caution when wagering money on an internet poker match compared to a live match. When you’re sitting across the table for somebody, it’s often easy to tell if they’re bluffing and make an informed decision about your next move. Online, however, you won’t have this luxury, and there’s a greater chance of losing.

Can You Play Casino Online For Real Money?

It wouldn’t be much of a “casino” if players didn’t have the opportunity to bet (and win) real money, would it? Whether you fancy playing a classic table game or you want to keep it simple with roulette and slots, you’ll be able to take advantage of real money offers and play a variety of different tables.

Some tables are considered “high-stakes” and require players to deposit larger bets, while other “low-stakes” tables only require players to put down a few dollars. Ultimately, it’s all up to you. We suggest that you start off with small wagers until you’re more comfortable with the platform. Once, you’ve got the hang of everything, then you can move up to the world of high-stakes gaming.

What Is The Best Online Casino For Real Money?

One of the best online casinos we’ve found so far is BetUS. It’s a simple, easy-to-use gambling platform that’s based out of Panama- a country with very loose gambling laws. This means that the site offers everything from simple card games and slots to sportsbooks and other sports betting opportunities. Players can even gamble on random events such as political elections and debates!

What Are The Easiest Casino Games?

If you’re just getting started and don’t have a lot of gaming experience, then we recommend that you choose an easy game to start with. The easiest game, by far, is online slots. It requires no skill and is completely random.

All you need to do is click a button to stop the slots from spinning and hope it lands on the right combination. Roulette is another easy game that’s based completely on chance.

As far as card games, go, most players find that blackjack is one of the easiest tables to play. If you can do some basic math and add some numbers up to 21, then you can learn the game in a matter of minutes!