Play Modernised Versions of Your Favourite Games Thanks to Live Casino

We all love a quick hand of Blackjack, or spin or two on the Roulette wheel, whether it be at a land-based casino on Saturday night out on the town, or from the comfort of our own home. However, you’ve got to admit that it’s about time these games got spiced up a little! Well, with the help of live casinos online, you can now play modernized, live-action versions of your favorite live casino games! Read on to find out more.

Live Quantum Roulette

The concept of Roulette – whether it be European, French, or American version – has remained the same, since it was created by Blaise Pascal in the 17th century – it has most definitely survived the test of time! However, thanks to Playtech’s Quantum Roulette, the age-old classic has been given a much-needed boost into the modern world!

Roulette’s odds have never been an issue, with the chance of winning up to 35x your wager. Although, with this innovative creation, you can now land up to a whopping 500x your bet!

How’s that even possible we hear you ask? Well, read on to find out.

Quantum Roulette is played on a standard European wheel – this means that it boasts a range of 37 numbers, ranging between 0 and 36. You enjoy a spin on the ‘Devil’s Wheel’ from as little as 20p, or right up to £500 – ideal for the high-rollers!

Alongside the standard straight up bets – which is the method of betting only on a specific number – Quantum Roulette also has mouth-watering multipliers! Every time the wheel spins, a number is chosen a random by a quantum strike, sometimes more than one number at a time. Any number that is struck will be enhanced by a multiplier – these are also chosen at random and can top 500x your wager!

Quantum prizes can only be won on straight-up bets, or straight up bets using the neighbor’s system. If the Roulette ball lands on your number, and it’s been enhanced by a quantum striker, your stake will be boosted by whatever multiplier is on display! The excitement of Roulette has suddenly gone up a notch, right?

Live Quantum Blackjack

You’ve guessed it! Playtech has pulled it out of the bag once again, taking the best bits of a centuries-old game and adding in a few new twists and turns. Just like in all versions of Blackjack, the aim of the game is simple: beat the dealer! To get started, a wager between £1 and £500, and you’ll then receive two cards – the dealer will then also receive two cards, one face-up, one face down. This is the point where you hit – take another card – or stand – stick to your initial hand.

As always with Blackjack, you can also split pairs and double down on totals of 11 or under. However, the multiplier cards are what really make Quantum Blackjack different from your standard games. Before the cards are dealt with, between one and three multiplier cards will be given. These are shown in the top right corner of the screen, and can help boost your winnings by 3x, 5x, or 10x!

Basically, if you’re dealt a multiplier card, and you win the hand, your prize will be enhanced. If a winning hand contains more than one multiplier card, your payout is boosted by the result of one value multiplied by another! And that’s not all if you’re lucky enough to have all three multiplier cards in your winning hand, then your payout will be enhanced by a whopping 1,000x!