Pixel 6 Smartphone Suffers Weaker Vibrations from Notifications after Update

Following a recent update for Google’s Pixel 6 smartphones, users have observed a significantly reduced vibration intensity for notifications. Tech analysts are not sure whether the problem emanates from a bug or intentional on Google’s part, but many prefer to think that it’s deliberate given Google’s March 7 update note that “fix for issue causing weaker haptic feedback in certain conditions” done.

Analysts believe that Google intended the weak notifications vibrations for Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro. Some think that since the same issue was mentioned in connection with the release of Android 12.1 beta in February, it is likely that Google is aware of the issue. But where it is not, Pixel 6 users may have to wait till April to get another software update that may fix the vibration problem.

Many Pixel 6 users on Reddit and other social media platforms complained that the weaker vibration for notifications is worrisome given that they rely on vibrations for all mobile alerts. Many smartphone users do not like their devices to ring out, and they use only vibrations calls, texts, and other notifications. Weaker vibrations would mean missed calls and missed alerts for many users, and this they said, could mean loss of business.

Other Reddit users however downplayed the problem, saying device owners can download a vibration app if they do not find their vibrations satisfactory. Google has not responded to queries regarding the issue, but it is assumed they know what is going on.