Three People Die After Florida-Bound Single-Engine Plane Crashes In Georgia

A single-engine Cessna 182 plane has crashed in Georgia on Friday evening, killing all three passengers on board. The plane had lifted off from Gainesville airport in Georgia and was headed for Daytona Beach in Florida before crashing into a wooded residential area around 6:30 pm.

Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) spokeswoman Emma Duncan said the FAA and the National Transportation Safety Board will be investigating the air-crash shortly. Gainesville fire division Chief Keith Smith said the small plane crashed shortly after takeoff and that a pedestrian who saw the remains of the plane on the road called 911 to alert the fire department to the crash.

According to Smith, there was property damage at the scene of the crash, but nobody was injured on the ground in the vicinity of the accident. He disclosed that the wing of the plane was lodged inside the bedroom of a mobile home in the area but luckily, the family occupying the home was in another bedroom eating dinner when the plane crashed into their house.

In a nearby house where pieces of the plane fell, the authorities evacuated four adults and a small baby since the fuel of the plane spilled all over the place. The authorities also revealed that they are working to remove the bodies of the three passengers so that investigations into the crash can begin in earnest. The names of the deceased were not released until investigations are concluded.