People Boil Snow for Water As Water Scarcity Hit More Than 13 Million People in Texas

Following a prolonged and deadly winter storm in Texas, more than 13 million people in Texas now suffer water scarcity that has gotten the government worried. Given that the electricity outage that hit the city after the brutal storms has been restored in many homes, some people have contrived to boil snow in order to obtain water for domestic use while getting bottled water to purchase is almost impossible since they are no longer available on store shelves.

According to the authorities, nearly half of the people in Texas lack direct access to drinkable and clean water, and this has affected their standard of life in recent times. To make matters worse, many of the water treatment plants in the state are out of order since the devastating storm, and many people are even forced to line up for hours to access plumbing services from plumbing stores.

As if the water crisis is not enough, snow and ice on the East Coast continue to cause auto accidents and the downing of electricity lines, creating darkness across many homes. Given the prolonged weeks of sub-zero temperature in the region, President Joe Biden declared a state of emergency in Oklahoma. The deadly cold weather has caused unbearable snow and ice that affect nearly 78 million Americans; while over 27 million sleep through freezing conditions.

More than 40 people have reportedly died across the country due to the unbearable weather and terrible storms. The National Weather Service warns that “significant ice accumulations and heavy snowfall are expected” to still fall in the south and the northeast. This situation has forced many people to purchase power generators in the absence of electricity, while others rack up their fireplaces, live in running cars, or shelter in warmed centers.

“Texans deserve answers about why the shortfalls occurred, and how they’re going to be corrected and Texans will get those answers,” said Texas Gov. Greg Abbott.

The ongoing weather problems have contributed to water shortages due to factors such as broken water pipes, power outages, and failed distribution systems.

“I mean this is a nightmare, this is everyone’s nightmare,” said Texas Representative Shawn Thierry who now lives in a hotel with her 8-year-old daughter. “Your home is your abode, it’s where you go to find your peace and work, and now, I’m uprooted.”