NYC Mayoral Candidate Andrew Yang Hospitalized For Kidney Stone

Andrew Yang, the new contender for the position of New York City mayor, is on admission at the hospital for a kidney stone. According to co-campaign manager Chris Coffey, Yang was admitted after reporting to the emergency room for abdominal pains on Friday morning, Wboy reported.

Coffey said Yang’s wife, Evelyn, is staying with him at the hospital. The campaign manager added that all Friday activities lined up for the politician have been canceled.

The 46-year-old former tech executive had been planning to attend a cabaret performance to celebrate the reopening of theater activities in New York City. Coffey said Yang will resume his campaign activities in the next few days after his discharge from the hospital.

Yang contented to get the Democratic presidential nomination for 2020 but failed, but he remains one of almost 30 candidates hoping to clinch the position of NYC mayor after the term of Mayor Bill de Blasio expires, CNN wrote.

The primary election is billed to hold on June 22. Since his political pursuits began in January, Yang rose from an obscure individual to a nationwide political candidate with thousands of ardent supporters.

His large base of supporters has come to be known as the Yang Gang, and they assisted with raising $40 million for his campaign needs. Yang was isolated for two weeks in February after contracting COVID-19 but recovered after undergoing treatment.