New App Features and Updates Already Confirmed By Microsoft for Windows 11

Given the speculation that Windows 11 might launch by October, Microsoft has confirmed a number of features and updates that will come with the new operating system. It is a new operating system that comes with new features and updates to existing applications. And while Windows 11 is still officially in beta, we shall examine some of the upcoming features shortly.

One of the major changes coming to the Windows 11 OS is the Focus Sessions and the Microsoft To-Do. These will come in addition to existing clock apps such as Timers, Alarms, Stopwatch, and World Clock among others. Focus Sessions is integrated with Spotify’s music streaming service, so you can listen to music while doing something important on your computer. To this end, Focus Sessions is made for people who require streaming music to concentrate on any work at hand.

With the Microsoft To-Do feature, you can mark tasks you want to accomplish in days or hours and track your progress on those tasks. You can tick them off as you complete them and set them as reminders to help you along.

Windows Paint is also surfacing in this new operating system as well. Many analysts thought Paint would die or should be demoted to a downloadable app in the previous OS, but it appears it will remain in the new OS after all. One of the major updates to the app is that its interface and functionality have been improved to serve users better. This means that the Microsoft team is still interested in preserving the integrity and functionality of the app for future services.

Although the Calculator is hidden in Windows 10, it will be given some prominence in Windows 11. It is true that most people use the calculator for simple numerical operations; the new service in Windows 11 indicates that the function can be used as a graphing calculator, a scientific calculator, and a programmer calculator, among other things. The new calculator must be expanded to view its entire functionality, or it will remain hidden. It is also possible for users to change the theme set for the new calculator, and this gives users more power to alter it the way they prefer.

The Snipping Tool has always existed in Microsoft OS, but the Windows 11 operating system will have an additional Snip & Sketch feature. These allow users to capture their computer screens while working and sharing the same with other users. Microsoft’s Dave Grochocki made it clear that “Both the classic Snipping Tool and Snip & Sketch apps have been replaced by a new Snipping Tool app that represents the best experiences of both apps in the next evolution of screen capture for Windows.”

Microsoft Mail and Calendar apps will also undergo improved interfaces; meanwhile, a lot of changes will also occur with Windows 11 taskbar features, as reported by WindowsLatest.