Software Development Programming

The operation of an online casino would be impossible without software developers who provide their collections of slot machines, roulettes, bingo, poker, etc. The choice of a particular manufacturer depends on the direction of the casino, the financial capacity of the administration and the popularity of the products themselves.

Nuances of choosing a casino software

At the preliminary stage of opening an online casino, the analysis of preferences of potential customers is carried out, and only after that, an application is submitted for signing an agreement with the developer. This process is quite complicated and requires the fulfillment of many requirements:

  • Security;
  • Compliance with the rules of fair play;
  • The availability of licenses from regulatory agencies;
  • The budget for payment for the services provided.

Sometimes, there are more specific requirements: for example, the company Playtech prohibits the placement of third-party developers along with their products. Or, when you plan to create something more specific, like poker club, then searching for a client poker software should follow some particular points.


Software companies and online clubs are closely interconnected after signing the contract because by placing bets on online slots or other games, the participant will be able to earn winnings based on the results of the raffles on the developer’s servers, after which the financial service of the establishment must pay them in full. At first glance, it may seem unfair to the casino itself, but here it is worth remembering the RTP indicators of slot machines, the data of which do not exceed 98%. The difference of 2 percent or more goes in favor of the club, and this commission applies to every bet, and not to a certain period of the game.

Online Casino Platforms

Many operators of gambling establishments assure their customers that their platform is better than others. But if we approach the consideration of this issue objectively, it is enough to divide the sites into honest and dishonest.

The first category works with companies who have a crystal clear reputation and an extensive collection of slots. The second category is sites with pronounced pirated software, where only popular slot machines of leading platforms are presented, which will be distinguished by apparent errors in the graphical plan and low return rates.

Rare exceptions are online casinos with a reduced package of platforms, which includes a smaller number of product names. You can determine the authenticity of the software by going to the official supplier’s page, and then find this site in the list of partners.


To conclude, it is worth choosing casino software in order to start your business fast. In addition, software developers who violate gaming ethics are extremely rare. Their work is supervised by supervisory authorities, which issue the appropriate licenses authorizing the provision of gambling services in the administrative territories under their jurisdiction. However, a cautious approach should be taken.