How to Maintain Data Security and Privacy on A Cloud Platform

In recent years, cloud technology has reached many businesses and given many new opportunities to showcase their ability. Statistics say the global cloud computing market will exceed $330 billion soon. The opportunities for medium and small scale companies have also increased simultaneously.

There are various technologies to assist business requirements. It includes CRM Management, data management, resource optimization, data storage, and the extent of business automation. The needs for high investment and time are also cut down effectively with the help of Cloud Technology.

Why the cloud security platform?

Along with the multitude of advantages, businesses have hesitation about Cloud Technology regarding data security and privacy. Google claims that all and any data stored in the cloud is safer than any other technology. With this in mind, there have been many developments and improvements in the data protection and data privacy front. This is where the cloud security platform comes into play.

Why Do Businesses Need Cloud Technology?

Any business can face certain challenges in all stages. Some of these challenges, if not addressed, can even lead to collapse. A few challenges are,

Data Loss

In a business, data is everything. Data loss can be the most unfortunate challenge the business can face. Virtual data can get exposed or lost easily in the cloud or VM’s. You have to assess whether only authorized users are accessing your data within your policies and whether you have the authority to block a user if they are defying policies.

Data Replication

This is a common challenge that all businesses face. Data backups are taken daily and stored in the cloud automatically. You must know where they are stored and who has permission to access them. Unauthorized viewing and copying of data have to be identified and controlled.

Internal Threat

Internal threat is the biggest challenge a business can face. There are possibilities for the employees in the organization to access their cloud-based services to misuse information like customer details, records related to finance, and other important records.

New Users

There has to be a balance and cooperation between storage, security, security administrators, and application in Cloud Technology. It manages the most sensitive business data. When there are more new users, security and risk increases as well. It can take even one person’s mistake to jeopardize the whole system.

How to Secure Data and Privacy

Cloud Security Platforms offer many ways to thrash data and security threats. They offer best-in-class security, which can be customized for your business needs. Some of the ways Cloud Security Platforms work to keep your data safe are,

Reduced Costs

Cloud storage and security platforms help reduce the need and cost to invest in dedicated hardware. It reduces capital expenditure as well as administrative overheads. There were days when IT teams had to fight security threats reactively. But Cloud Security gives you proactive security and protection features around the clock and calls for only a small or zero human support.

Centralized Security

Cloud centralizes security, just like data and applications. In businesses with Cloud Technologies, there are networks of many devices and endpoints. This isn’t easy to deal with. When managed centrally, it takes fewer software and policy updates to monitor the processes and results. There are also options to implement Disaster Recovery plans where everything is managed in one place.

Fewer Administration Efforts

A reliable cloud service provider or Cloud Security platform will help you reduce the manual security configurations and the requirement for constant security updates. These tasks generally can take up many resources. But when moved to the cloud, every step of the security administration takes place on a single platform and is managed completely without the intervention of manual work.


With Cloud Security comes dependability. Implementing the right Cloud Security service can safely help users access different data and applications in the cloud. It does not matter where the user is or what type of device they use, if they are a recognized user with permission, they can reliably access the required service.

To this date, many businesses are moving their business to cloud-based service after witnessing the benefits and success rate. Yet many cloud models are open to threat. It is important that you opt for the right cloud security platform and service, be it you have a hybrid or on-premise environment or a native cloud service.

Cloud Security provides all the functions which can be seen in traditional IT security. Along with it, it helps the business to make use of all the advantages of a cloud service.