Maine CDC Christmas Day Update: 321 New COVID-19 Cases with 2 Deaths

The Maine Center for Disease Control and Prevention reported 321 new COVID-19 cases and 2 fatalities on December 25. The new cases put Maine’s total confirmed COVID-19 cases at 18,517, with about 3,030 more probable cases, according to state health officials. In total, 1,020 people have had to be hospitalized as a result of COVID-related complications and the state has recorded 319 fatalities

The two days before Friday had higher cases, almost double of Friday’s new cases. On Wednesday, December 23, the state recorded over 700 new COVID-19 cases. A similar figure was recorded in the state on Thursday, December 24. The state is working towards making COVID-19 vaccines more accessible for health care workers and members of long-term care facilities. To meet the target, officials say they are expecting more vaccines next week for greater circulation.

Already, over 15,700 people have received COVID-19 vaccines in Maine, according to the officials. One month ago, Maine’s weekly average of daily cases was around 215 cases, that figure increased a week ago by over 100%. Currently, Maine’s weekly average of new cases recorded daily is up to 448, according to state data.

The number of COVID-19 patients requiring hospitalization in the state has also increased, with a total of 185 COVID-19 patients hospitalized on Friday. 54 patients out of the hospitalized patients are in the ICU and 16 of the patients have been placed on ventilators, at the time of writing the report. The health officials of the state also reported, on Friday, that of the 377 ICU beds available in the state, 110 beds were free, Pressherald reports.

Of the 16 counties in Maine, Androscoggin County has the highest number of COVID-19 cases, with 226 confirmed COVID-19 cases out of every 10,000 residents of the county. Cumberland County has the second-highest number of confirmed cases with 220 confirmed COVID-19 cases per 10,000 residents of the county. The state is however doing well in infection rates when compared to other states. Maine is one of the top ten states with low infection rates in the United States.

Though health officials have warned against such actions, a huge number of the residents of the state are set to travel for the holidays. Health experts have pointed out that traveling and gatherings during Thanksgiving are one of the major contributors to the current surge of infection rates that the country is battling. During a news conference on Wednesday, Maine Governor Janet Mills cautioned residents to avoid traveling during the holidays.

“We must all obey all COVID-19 safety measures and protocols,” Governor Mills said on Wednesday. “We must wear masks, obey physical distancing measures, and stay away from parties and other gatherings. The greatest gift we can give our friends and relatives during the holiday season is to be safe, healthy, and alive.”