LG’s New MoodUp Fridge Has LED Doors, Speakers, Wi-Fi, and App Connectivity

LG’s new smart refrigerator, MoodUp, will be hitting the market anytime soon. The smart refrigerator which is currently on display at the ongoing IFA 2022 – Europe’s version of the CES – has color-changing LED door panels, Bluetooth speakers, Wi-Fi, and mobile app connectivity among amazing features.

Although there’s no word on its launch price and date, LG said the refrigerator will revolutionize kitchen experiences for all users. The upper door panel has 22 colors to choose from, and the lower door has 19 colors to choose from – all changeable with a tap on the door or via the LG’s ThinkQ smartphone app.

Depending on your mood and the season or environment you are in, you can choose color themes to depict your location, mood, season, and others. The smart refrigerator flashes a welcome message when anyone comes near it, and its door illuminates the entire kitchen at night to help anyone approach it for a midnight snack. If the door is inadvertently left open, the door panels flash repeatedly to remind you to close it.

And it is possible to switch off the LED panels on the LG MoodUp smart refrigerator; turning it off will give the home appliance a traditional look of gray and white. In case you want to connect your PC or smartphone to the refrigerator, there is an inbuilt Bluetooth speaker that can blare your songs to fill the entire kitchen. You can stream music from LG’s Music Collection and the refrigerator’s LED panels will change colors to sync with the music.

LG, a South Korean electronics giant, also made the MoodUp refrigerator to offer Wi-Fi and voice recognition features. It is also not entirely clear if the cooling and freezing machine have LG’s InstaView cameras, but there seems to be a display section where users can see what’s kept in the fridge from a distance. Sources said there may be two models of the MoodUp fridge, the 4-door model and the normal one-door version with two freezer sections.