Launch Date for Apple’s 27-Inch Display with Mini-LED Pushed Back Again

The launch date for Apple’s rumored 27-inch display with a mini-LED backlight has reportedly been pushed back once again. Tech eavesdropper Ross Young, the CEO of Display Supply Chain Consultants (DSCC), said there is no sign that Apple is ready to begin mass production for the external display yet.

Young is very reputable for providing internal information about upcoming Apple products. Almost all his predictions on Apple products panned out. He rumored that the iPhone 13 Pro and MacBook Pro would feature ProMotion, and it turned out that way. He also predicted that the 6th-generation iPad Mini would ship with an 8.3-inch display, and that was what happened.

He also revealed insider data that the latest MacBook Air would come with a larger 13.6-inch display, and he was ultimately right.

Based on several insider information he has provided on future Apple gadgets, Young is often right when he says anything specific about Apple products. He predicted that the 27-inch external display with a mini-LED backlight would launch in June 2022 and then later revealed the date had been postponed to October. As the month went on, he stated that the October launch date would not be feasible and that the first quarter of 2023 is most likely.

Yet it appears that Young had been right all along because Apple kept pushing back the launch date for the 27-inch display machine. Now, he has rumored that it is unlikely that the first quarter of this year would work out as expected, and he might be right given that Apple had been silent all along on the product launch date.

9to5Mac revealed that Apple is working on a new external display with 7K resolution. “The current Pro Display XDR has a 32-inch 6K (6016 x 3384) panel with 218 pixels per inch,” the outlet reported. “A 7K external display from Apple could have a higher pixel density of 245 PPI with the same size screen. Alternatively, Apple could keep the same 218 PPI as the Pro Display XDR but on a larger 36-inch panel.”

Having projected that the monitor will feature ProMotion, it is likely that it will support higher refresh rates of up to 120Hz. The large 27-inch size might also ship with a more superior version of Studio Display – or a next-generation model that swings between Studio Display and the higher-end Pro Display XDR.

Apple’s Studio Display has a 5K resolution without ProMotion and is priced at $1,599 when it launched in March 2022 along with the Mac Studio. The company’s Pro Display XDR which launched in December 2019 came without a stand and was priced at $4,999.