Kodak Black to Pay College Education Fees of Children of Slain FBI Agents

American rapper, Bill Kapri, whose professional name is Kodak Black, has promised to take care of the college tuition of the sons of Daniel Alfin and Laura Schwartzenberger, two FBI officers who died in the line of duty while on an official assignment. The announcement was made by the rapper’s lawyer, Bradford Cohen, who said that the rapper’s rough childhood years have made him sympathetic towards the plight of children.

Cohen said that at the request of the rapper, he contacted the Miami Division of the bureau with the rapper’s intention of paying the children’s tuition. On February 2, the special agents were serving a search warrant to an individual suspected of being involved in child pornography when they were shot and killed by the suspect. Both agents left behind young sons ranging from age 3 to 9, a situation which deeply touched the rapper, his lawyer explained.

“Kodak has great concerns for children who go through the heavy trauma of losing a parent,” Cohen stated. “This is probably as a result of the rough environment where he grew, where he watched as people struggled because of similar situations, that is why he is always looking for ways to help out.”

The suspect’s gunshots also injured three other people, according to officials. Schwarzenegger left behind two sons while Alfin had a son. Both agents had worked on cases involving child molestation, pornography, and abuse. Alfin’s work on a case involving a child sexual abuse on the dark web earned him the Director’s Award and Schwarzenegger also worked on cases involving the abuse of children on the internet, the FBI said.

This is not the first time Kodak Black, who was among the people that received commutations of their prison sentence from former President Donald Trump, has given to cases involving children. While still serving term last December, the rapper donated $20,000 worth of gifts to children in Broward County. His lawyer said donating to better the lives of children is a monthly activity for Black, WKBN reports.

The attorney said he is waiting to hear back from the bureau’s Miami office to iron out the details of the donation. The rapper was sentenced to 3 years imprisonment for giving false information to procure handguns. When he was pardoned, one of the reasons given was Black’s generous donations, including giving books to pupils and donating $50,000 as aid to restaurants in Pompano Beach.

Source: nbcnews.com