Key Tips For Incorporating CBD In Your Wellness Routine

Approximately 14 percent of Americans have tried CBD or CBD-related products, according to research by Consumer Reports. When it comes to individual age groups like millennials, the statistics rise to 40 percent. In fact, 1 in 7 of them say they use it daily. While many choose to use CBD to treat anxiety, others are finding success with using it for pain or physical wellness. With reports being released every day on new and innovative ways to use CBD for health and wellness, there is now mounting evidence on the myriad of benefits of including CBD capsules, oil, and other CBD products in your wellness routine, ranging from medicinal to emotions and mental perks.

Use CBD Edibles For Relaxation And Anxiety Releasing Moments

A worrying 55 percent of Americans experience stress during the day and another 19.1 percent experienced anxiety disorders during the past year. With rapidly rising levels of stress and anxiety amongst Americans, there is no question behind what is driving the $7.01 billion stress management industry. However, multiple studies have recently revealed promising links between the use of CBD oil and anxiety treatment. Oral CBD products like CBD oils and sprays can be taken as and when needed. They are also quickly absorbed into the bloodstream so their relaxation properties can kick in quickly, in the case of an anxiety attack.

The CBD edibles market is also expanding, giving you more choice on how to include CBD in your wellness routine to manage your anxiety. CBD gummies are formulated with additional calming ingredients like chamomile and can be taken once a day before bed to help relieve stress and even improve your sleeping patterns. Anxiety and stress have a long documented link to sleep struggles, with stress causing sleep disruption and the combination of the two negatively impacting mental well-being, including anxiety levels.

Include CBD Oil Or CBD-Based Products Into Your Skin Routine

Another way CBD can improve your overall wellness is by boosting your skincare routine. The anti-aging market in North America is valued at $16.58 billion and 28 percent of women under 25 regularly worry about aging. That number rises to 42 percent for those between 25 and 34 and even further to 52 percent for those between 35 and 44 years old.

Now, more beauty brands are marketing CBD skincare products, aimed at reducing wrinkles, targeting acne, and helping customers manage inflammatory skin conditions. Past research has shown that CBD can reduce the flow of sebum, a key concern for pore blocked and acne-prone skin. The use of CBD can also reduce inflammation which means it can help to calm skin and skin redness that comes with rosacea and other skin conditions. The key lies in choosing the ideal Epiodolex-based product for you and your skin needs. Make sure you focus on supplementary ingredients like Vitamin C for brightening or tea tree oil for acne and inflammation when choosing one that suits your skin needs.

Incorporate CBD Capsules Or Vape Oil For Better Sleep Habits

Americans are well known for their struggle to sleep well. Approximately 70 percent of Americans do not get sufficient sleep at least once a month. Not only do they struggle to get enough sleep but many grapple with their sleep quality. With well-documented research on the benefits of sleep on your productivity, mood, and general wellbeing, it crucial to adopt good sleeping habits. As it turns out, CBD may be able to help with that. The anti-anxiety properties of CBD oil can improve sleep quality. You can choose to use CBD vape oil in a vaporizer or take CBD oil orally an hour before bed.

These are only a handful of ways you can include CBD into your wellness routine. You can also drink a cup of CBD infused tea to relax after work or swap your essential oils for CBD infused ones in your home to promote relaxation at bedtime. It is also important to note that the dosage of CBD is dependent on individual tastes and abilities. While some may be able to handle higher dosages, you must figure out what CBD dosage is right for you so that you can gain maximum benefits from including it in your wellness routine.