Kevin Hart What Now, A film about the biggest stand-up ever
Kevin Hart: What now? review. Image credit: Ticketmaster Insider.

Kevin Hart became the first comedian in history to sell out an entire football stadium on his own. 53,000 people assisted to a massive stand-up in the Lincoln Financial Field Philadelphia – Hart’s home city – on August 2015.

Hart’s latest comedic flick, “Kevin Hart: What now?,” Universal Studios shows footage of the historic event, as well as the “untold” story behind the curtains in a series of sketch-like clips. These clips include Don Cheadle as “The Black Iron Man” and Halley Berry, a cover partner.

“Kevin Hart: What Now?” stands out as a 60-min concert documentary about the biggest comedy special to date while also adding a little James-Bond-esque action parody in which the actor must gather money for his global tour.

‘What now?’ opening credits are a spoof of the Bond franchise’s iconic credits sequences

The movie starts with a somehow predictable but still effective mini-action film around casinos and famous people playing themselves.

The subplot sees Hart leaning heavily into his personality to frustrate other players at high-stakes poker games. The exchange with Don Cheadle is a particularly hilarious moment as Hart leans on his loud and annoying persona to disturb the Marvel actor.

After the meta opening sequence, the movie makes way for the actual show. Hart enters the stage with a brief cinematic intro and a thunderous applause from the thousands of attendees in Lincoln Financial Field.

The stand-up is loud, breathless and wild

There are little pauses between jokes. Hart rushes from one story to the other, a trademark style that distinguishes him from anything his comedy peers are doing right now.

Even with its –speeding- flaws, Hart punches with some brilliant pieces of storytelling, including one story that feels so real fans can almost see a comedy action set right in their heads.

The plot involves a bathrobe, a mischievous young daughter, watching The Conjuring, and his father in a getaway car. Most of the show is crazy, fun, and, much like Hart, feels familiar enough to the audiences.

What the critics said about the comedy special?

IGN awarded the movie 6 points and stated is a happy look at one of the world’s biggest comedians, but it will not go down as an instant classic.

IMDB gave the flick 6.9 points, while Rotten Tomatoes maintains a 69 percent score for “What Now?” with the consensus that it packs enough of the comedian’s “infectious energy” to compensate for the weak points of the stand-up.

Source: New York Times