Internet Marketing and Law Firms

When it comes to marketing, there is no doubt that the internet has already become the “next big thing.” People now spend a significant part of their day browsing on the internet, working and shopping online, or networking on social media. To survive, businesses have had to adapt and follow their customers to the internet.

Law firms are no different. If you want to open your law practice to a wider audience, internet marketing is the only way to do it. But it’s not just any strategy that will work for you.

Successful internet marketing involves understanding your audience, and from that, determining which approach will reach more of your prospective customers.

Website Marketing

A website is an ideal way to make a first impression for your business. It allows you to introduce your law firm to the internet in a way that sets the tone for other digital marketing strategies.

Website marketing is the promotion of a website with the goal of bringing in more visitors and prospective customers.

For your law firm website to bring in leads, it should have an attractive appearance, easy navigation, and function smoothly on mobile devices too. Visitors should easily understand your services, values, and the next actions they should take. The web copy on your site should also be engaging and most importantly, answer your visitors’ questions of how you can help them.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

For qualified leads to find your website easily, it should be optimized for search engine rankings. SEO is a set of concerted strategies that help a website rank higher on search engine results.

You’ve probably heard over and over that most people do not go beyond the first page of search results. When your law firm website appears among the top entries, more visitors will see and become aware of your business.

SEO is important for your internet marketing because it brings more qualified organic leads to your website. Going with the nature of services provided by law firms, investing in local SEO is among the best marketing decisions you can make.

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is perfect for law firms that are looking for brand awareness and increased conversion rates. There are various platforms where you can set up shop but the most ideal for law firms are Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram. It is also common for lawyers to use personal social profiles for networking and career development in relation to their law firms.

Regardless of the social platform, you settle on, realizing results will depend on how consistently you post and interact with your followers. Of course, having great social media copy is what will seal the deal.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is a cost-effective way of gaining and retaining clients. It involves sending email newsletters containing regular content or important information to subscribers.

One of the reasons for its effectiveness is that the audience is made up of consented subscribers, mostly done through a website pop-up form. This means that a large majority are qualified leads.

The secret to a successful email marketing campaign is segmenting your audience, offering high-quality content, and landing pages.

Pay-Per-Click Marketing (PPC)

PPC marketing functions the same as SEO only that in the former, the traffic obtained is paid and not organic.

Digital marketers will set up a PPC campaign by allocating a certain amount as the total budget. As users type in relevant legal keywords, search engines perform auctions in the background to determine the best-suited search result ad to return.

Local PPC can also bring you more traffic than using general keywords. For instance, if your law firm serves people from Louisiana only, using localized keywords like “liberative prescription in Louisiana” will bring more qualified traffic. The best thing about PPC is that you only pay if a user clicks on your ad.